Laptop from Italy with Italian Language

I have recieved Laptop as a Newyear gift from my Dad which he bought from Italy. It is acer aspire 6930G and has Windows Vista Home Premium. But the probem is that it has vista italian language OS. As i donot know the italian language at all so i am very much upset about it. Vista has a language change option in Ultimate and bussiness version but not in Home Premium. I have only 1 options left that I should install an English language pirated vista which is easly available here in lahore but i am not sure the the pirated version vista will also load my all hardware drivers or not. And also all the original software with it will also go in the drain.

Is there is anyway that i can get my all drivers and if possible all applications when i reinstall vista. I am not very much bothered about applications but drivers are really very important.

Does any genuine Windows DVD disc comes with that laptop? Your legal Windows Key might be on the bottom of laptop or on the disc's jewel case.

After you have these two things, then you can try to format and install Vista (using genuine Windows DVD disc and legal Windows Key), during installation it might give you an option to install Windows in English language. I am not sure but its worth a try.

But the problem you are always going to face is that laptop's keyboard has Italian language format, not English language format.

that will also be changed not to worry with the language preferred.

but a full re-installation is very required from scratch. because Vista Home gives you only 1 language pack license on the install time. choose one what you need during installation.

go ahead.

What I actually meant that the physical layout of keyboard is according to Italian language, not the QWERTY English language layout of keyboard (that we commonly use in Pakistan).

hahahah :D

sorry buddy, I thought you were just in the installation step :)

edit: but I think the physical keyboard layout changes only in special characters but QWERTY is a standard and doesn't change physically only the printing might be in italian. and he might have to set the layout in his mind.

Yes it has a QWERTY keyboard layout and only few special keys are changed. I did not recieved the original windows dvd with it but laptop has builtin hidden partition which contains the disk image of c: drive. If any thing goes wrong i can restore the image to default status. Now i ll return to my original question that IS there any way so i can backup my drivers so if new windows does not load drivers of any hardware i can load it from backup. Please advise

Learn Italian :D

Maybe, that's the hidden purpose of your Dad by gifting

you an Italian language laptop. ;)

if the windows is only in italian then u can repair windows and change language but if the bios is also in italian then u r in a real problem man........

there are softwares [Driver Magician] available that backup your drivers. install new vista using key giving at bottom [or box] of laptop, install Driver Magician and restore drivers.

you can also find drivers at acer site but it would require much more time.

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if the windows is only in italian then u can repair windows and change language but if the bios is also in italian then u r in a real problem man…

Dell gives almost many languages support for drivers and softwares to download and install. even you can install new BIOS with your prefered language if available.

I guess other vendors also must be giving this facility.

HATSOFF to you saad. You have recommended what i exactly needed. This is why i love wiredpakistan. Thanks again