Laptop For Sale::Toshiba Tecra 9100

Toshiba Tecra 9100 Laptop specs.

Intel Mobile Pentium-4 processor 1.7Ghz


Slim SelectBay DVD-ROM drive

14.1" XGA TFT display


Wi-Fi Wireless Internet.

Card Reader

Ports: Lan, USB, VGA, RJ45,RJ11,Serial & parallel ports,External monitor.

Battery timing is also good 2 hours.

Licensed With Windows XP.


Demand: Rs.28k.(Negotiable if buyer is serious)

First of all you should be serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A machine released in Year 2002 and not worth more than 15k is being priced @28k !!!!!!!

Wake up!!! and do not waste others time.

Yeah, you're demand is unreasonable.

my offer is 10,000 and em damn serious !!

my offer is 10 thousand

hey kiddo.take a look at laptop market.

another laptop much better than urs is being sold at 14k here in wiredpakistan

my offer is 10,500

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my offer is 10,500

Bhi mera 5ooo ke tu sirf registered windows xp ha.

Price reduced: 25k Final.

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Bhi mera 5ooo ke tu sirf registered windows xp hai.

It doesn’t matter.

Take a look at this:, this guy is selling his laptop (which is MUCH better than yours) for 15000 only.

Nobody will buy your laptop for 25k, not even 15k.

You people have any problem. If u dont need laptop then why are u commenting.

Its my choice to sale which suites to me.

Tu karachi ja ka la lo na @ Ultimate.

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Tu karachi ja ka la lo na @ Ultimate.

I am already in karachi :P

@Ultimate Checkout the preferred location of buyers.

Then why are u making spam on thread.

Islamabad ka market rate high ha.

My offer is 18k Final.

What u say.

Carrying kit included or not?

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My offer is 18k Final.

What u say.

Carrying kit included or not?


r u mad 18k for this laptop u can find much better in 18k than this

yes Far4z is absolutely right....keep urself in touch with market updates.

I know how the second hand things found at shops. It is not easy to find issue free product from market.

Must having some problem.

Model not matters actual thing is performance.

I sold out the my second hand mehran more the the purchased price after using 3 years.

If you find in 10k then let me know, I am willing to purchase other.

Very high Priced Laptop ..

Yeah man highly overpriced

Well ppl, its his laptop, his price, if you dont like it MOVE ON, stop posting on the thread and passing your comments for no productive reason just to increase your post counts....

Chalo u tell me what should be final price.

Karachi walo ka liya jab offer nahi ha then y the are commenting on laptop.

20k last & final.

Tum logo ke oqat he 10 sa uper ke nahi ha.

Jab laptop is fine not any problem then why....

lush laptop ha.