Laptop for MATLAB and AutoCAD?

I need a laptop under 60K range to run MATLAB and AutoCAD, no gaming. Please suggest if the below mentioned are sufficient to run these programs smoothly.

I will be pleased if you guys can suggest more.

Dell Inspiron N5520
Dell Inspiron N5520
Dell Inspiron N5520

Laptop Having Core 2 Due Processor And having 2 Gb Ram Is More Than Enough For Matlab And autocade. In My College We Even Use Them In P4 PCS With 512 MB Ram With No Major Issues.

It depends which version of Autocad and what task to do on the Autocad. If you want to do some 3D work, you will regret your C2D.

Newer laptops with at least Core i3 and faster RAM should be chosen for such tasks. Again it depends what kind of work it is. If simple rectangles/circles then may be a C2D will do the job.

Under 60K, you should be able to get a good Core i5 laptop with dedicated graphics card.

So i guess the above mentioned laptops with dual core Ci5 & 4GB RAM will smoothly handle these programs, right?

Any more suggestions still welcome. Please suggest some good laptop shops too.