Laptop @ 8K

Guys i wana buy a laptop aound 8K for suring the internet when light goes, plus to watch movies, listen to songs etc.

Kindly post/pm me ur offers along with model no. specs, battery timings etc and if u can then also pm me the pics.

It must be working perfectly without any issue and must not be repaird. I'm on a real tight budget so can't go any higher.


well i dont think u can get 1 with gud bettery timing, you have to raise your budget a little . thats what i think. Gudluck.

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well i dont think u can get 1 with gud bettery timing, you have to raise your budget a little . thats what i think. Gudluck.


Even the cheapest netbooks in the market are around 20,000 thousand rs

@Baber Kamal: It'll be next to impossible to find even a second hand laptop for that price. Even if you do find one, it'll probably be in extremely bad condition. To put things into perspective, Rs. 8K < $100. Thats what the One Laptop Per Child program was aiming for and even they couldn't keep within that price!

Might I suggest investing in some sort of UPS to keep your desktop running during blackouts!

good idea Sah , its better to get a UPS in 8k rather than to find a crappy laptop , btw i have one for sale but its way out of your budget

its my personal notebook

Acer TravelMate 3260 ANWXMI

1.86Ghz Core Solo 2mb cache [way too much better than pentium M and centrino]

2GB Ram

80GB Hard Drive with shock protection

14.1" LCD



Card Reader

Camera 1.3mp

DVD-RW drive

2 hours battery on normal usage

light weight

all drivers

Original Charger

contact : 0333-5657220

i am from islamabad

Demand : 32k

I think he just wants a 2nd hand netbook or old laptop.

One Laptop Per Child seems like a flawed project. The AMD Geode processor they used give less performance/power. Their OS has an illogical GUI(Sugar I think). And they are trying to make another in about 2-3 years from its release(XO-1.5). People in Africa can't afford to buy new laptops 2-3 years, instead the ones they make should last longer. BTW this laptop is below $100: though it has an ARM processor and Windows CE 5.0.

^ That thing is completely useless...!

^It's all we can expect from $100 laptop. Even phones have better processors than that, 266Mhz compared to iPhone 600Mhz or Nokia 5800XM's 369Mhz.


that 100$ laptop was JOKE!

Everyone i want a very basic lappy which could just see me through those loadshedding timings (6 hours daily), on apnakarachi and olx there are many laptop selling around 8-10K but trust is the problem that's why i wana buy from here on this forum. And i personally feel that a late p3 or early p4 lappy can be bought in this price tag.

^ :s

You might able to get second hand but it will be very poor.

Here are my some advices. Put your 100$ in some bank or anywhere else. Wait till it goes to atleast 300$ (yeah by adding some more buks to it each month, don't wait for banks to add 2 rs every month:p)

or get a laptop on installments. There are many laptop shops in saddar and uni plaza. I hope you will grab a better deal. Off course it will be a bit more expensive but investing 100$ will be complete loss. Believe me.

in hafeez center i was sitting in a shop of my friend there , he was selling some p3 with 128 mb ram at 10k but battery was like 45-50 mins only ....... visit hafeez center you will get a good one there ...

buy any old laptop and hook up a car battery in it :)


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buy any old laptop and hook up a car battery in it :)

very bad idea… you can’t carry car battery with you, every where.


Yes you can buy P3 on your given rate or less… p2 for even 5-6 or may be less…

he dont want to carry it , he wants to use it when there is no electricity . so one can attach the laptop thru a car battery via a car cigarette lighter socker (with the help of laptop charger adopter) easily available from any computer accessories shop.

if he is lil technical thn he can also attach the same without tht adopter too .

Aray bhai i want around 1-2 hour backup time, don't want to hook up car battery.

Anyone selling???