Lahore police training school attack

damnt man these things i saw in early and mid of 90's in karachi now its every where in pakistan


We should officially give our country under control of fanatic Mullahs, that's the only solution after peaceful negotiations. Otherwise, these fanatic Mullahs will keep screwing us.

Jihad Zindabad. F*** everyone else. :|

Can't understand whats going on in our country. :( Pakistan is probably the most dangerous place in world at the moment.

i am not a fan of any political party but when they dismissed Sharif bro's they also changed the whole regime of Police in the whole of Punjab causing major disturbance. Now the person in charge is Salman Taseer and that f***in idiot is known for his luxury life. all he do is drink and f&&k. he doesn't care about the security lapses.

sorry for the language.

Salman Tasser Ko Hosh Hee nahi Hota After 8PM onward till 10 am morning !!!!!!!

either our army must kill those nasty so called "mullahs" or if we cant and we dont have guts to stand against those illetrate dudes then we shouldnt shout at Drones attack by usa

Don't forget it is our own Army who created these elements themselves to fight against the Soviets..The agencies (which are run by army personnel) still have sympathies with such groups, and they can't be annihilated until there is a major change in whole system.

^very true. and USA was involved that time too. now the problem is we are in deep s**t. if our army goes with full force against them the same elements which today are in cadet school are gonna come to simple schools or colleges against innocent people. but whet ever it is now is the time when our so called decision makers have to decide which side they are on. (which should be pretty obvious by now).

Sad to hear this news when i just returned from college. Now this government has no power at the moment. No doubt Salman Taseer is #$%#, he cannot speak well i heard him when he was talking to media.

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either our army must kill those nasty so called “mullahs” or if we cant and we dont have guts to stand against those illetrate dudes then we shouldnt shout at Drones attack by usa

lol, why you people are so afraid of this muhllahs? :-S… can you tell me even a single high profile mullah… Saying that he is engaged in terrorist attack in Pakistan :D

Well dude its all the story started by our some own people with isreal+india+USA

What are you expecting that if some one kill your family… and you say to him with a smiling face… thanks you did a great work… when you will come next time don’t forget to kill me. :D

this is the same with the people living in bajur and other areas of NWFP.

One side, drones are dropping bombs on our own people and on the same side(Black sheep’s) encouraging people see… Pakistanis are kafir… They are killing you…

and on other side… our government is playing a drama on front of us… see people living in bajur are terrorist…

it’s an old strategy…

Divide and rule

If our goverment is saying… jammatu-ul dawa and other organizations are terrorist. Then why the most x-generals of the ISI are with them now?

Get a chance to have a visit in Raiwand… you gonna see some strange things there :expressionless:

Soon our army will be under the control of Talibans :D. and I’m quite happy with this :)

i really didn’t know that… talibans are not so bad… atelast not as such our corrupted politicians :|.

^so let me get this straight. you saying you are ok with the fact that they are bombing and killing in the name of Allah and its all right. they are the same talibans who were responsible of 90% of the weed in the whole world 10 years ago.

what happend in palestine, what Americans are doing.. are they not the terrorist ?

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M. K. Adams says:

Christians (fanatic, secular, or whatever) have killed way more people in the last 100 years than Muslims have in 1400.

I mean the killing of Christian Armenians by Muslim Turks and Kurds amounted to about 1.5 million lost souls.

Compare that with the 3 million Vietnamese that American Christians killed during the Vietnam War. Or the millions of Indian Hindus and Muslims that were killed by Christian Britain during the colonialisation of India. Or the illegal invasion of Muslim Iraq by Christian America for some "phantom" WMD. Or the mass genocide and rape of Bosnians and Croatians by Christian Serbs.

These were all just in the past 75 years. Not to mention the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Genocide of the Native Americans, the Genocide of Austrailia's native peoples. And on, and on.


Don't forget that time when talibans were hero in rambo's movie during afghan war with USSR :| and american were also terrorist before July 4, 1776 by british people :|

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what happend in palestine, what Americans are doing… are they not the terrorist ?

Don’t forget that time when talibans were hero in rambo’s movie during afghan war with USSR :expressionless: and american were also terrorist before July 4, 1776 by british people :expressionless:


People like you should be banned from forums.The Whole Army system has to be changed.This jihad mentality has to be removed so these motehrfuckers can be crushed.If Pakistan can fight a deadly war against its enemy which is 10 times bigger then Army can surely kill these !@#$%^&*.Is blowing up Mosques or killing fellow Islamic Brothers good thing for you?I hope you will support them too if some of your family member get killed in suicide bombing.

@Slave well i am not gonna go into argument with you coz if i'll say something you are gonna say something. the conversation gonna heat up and may get abusive like SECC replied you and replied well

however lets suppose if talibans do take over Pakistan then the whole world gonna point their guns at Pakistan and people like me who were born in Pakistan gonna stay in Pakistan till the end and people like you will be first one to run to other countries lets say Japan. but may be you already there.

Well said plz stop jehad against our own people

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Get a chance to have a visit in Raiwand… you gonna see some strange things there :expressionless:

such as?

OT. I do wonder how much percent of the general population of Pakistan does support the Taliban and wants them to take control…I think around 60% at least? And the number would be growing all the time…

In India, if terrorists attack civilians the whole nation is united and behind Army.Over Here we have mUllahs barking on tv and supporting the terrorists instead of Army.

Just get one thing straight army is the only institution in Pakistan that is not corrupt (yea yea not everyone maybe but that would merely be one in 10 thousand).Our real problem is these !@#$%^& politicians they need an issue & they hijack the whole nation with it.This government where our defense minister (an idiot) says this about the drones: "Hum nay unko aanay ki ijazat nahin di lekin landing kernay ki ijazat zaroor di hai" :o say wat.

Currently this government is a pure CIA sponsored government.I would like you people to read the articles here:

I know from my sources.Our intelligence agencies have proofs what is RAW doing in balochistan, who is funding the miscreants in the northern/tribal areas but the government doesn't do anything.

After the mumbai attacks when indian air force came for a surgical strike it wasn't the government who told the air force to do a border patrol it was the Joint Chief of army staff without asking the government.You know what zardari said before this "Unko strikes karnay ki ijazat na day dain?"

So please cut the bullshit regarding the Pakistan army.

They have been behind our backs when this current government was putting Pakistan's sovereignty under jeopardy.

Kiyani is a good man,so far he hasn't been controlled by USA that is a good thing.

May Allah save Pakistan.

EDIT:Another thing our media.Its filled with corrupt tv hosts who are paid to talk about things that are not in the interest of Pakistan.

Another thing regarding Talibans.The afghan talibans are in favour of pakistan (Mullah Umar) the ones here which are funded by CIA.RAW to create havoc here is the group of Baitullah Mehsud.

What i want to say here is.WHY IS OUR GOVERNMENT AFRAID OF SAYING THE NAME RAW! there are also some bad seeds here in the media who always blame pakistani elements.Pakistan this..pakistan that & always write/talk in favour of India.If they like india so much why dont they get there a** outa here one such example is Ayesha Siddiqua .

I would also suggest reading this article:

Another Article:

India’s Continued Thirst for Pakistani Blood

On January 25th this year, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India Shahid Malik received a death threat from an Indian extremist group, threatening to bomb:

Pakistan’s Parliament

Pakistani High Commission in Delhi

Major Pakistani cities

Other targets

The threat, made by a previously unknown group ‘All India Anti-Terrorism Group’ (AIATG), prompted a strong reaction by Islamabad, which lodged a protest with New Delhi and asked for better security for the envoy.

The three-page threatening letter delivered by surface mail at Pakistan’s high commission asked the high commissioner to leave Delhi in three days or else face dire consequences.

“We don’t need to make any kind of relation and also no place for any Pakistani in our country (sic),” a person claiming to be the chief of AIATG wrote in the letter, further warning that if the threat is taken lightly “it is 200% sure” he would be killed. Additionally, the letter threatened bombing of the parliament in Islamabad, high commission in Delhi and other places in Pakistan. For this purpose, the letter said, the sub-groups of AIATG namely Students of Hinduism Movement in India and Pakistan, Students Against Terrorism, and Pride of India were already active. The letter gave 11 reasons for forming the anti-Pakistan group and said: “you can understand we have many reasons to take lethal steps towards you and your country, so tell your government that we are mad, zealot and thirsty of Pakistani blood (sic).”

The AIATG is widely believed to be a front for the Indian ‘Research & Analysis Wing’, which has a history of involvement in terrorist activities inside Pakistan.

I am surprised by people blaming the mullahs and stuff . Mullahs dont have guts to be precise and I think those who did stuff today were probably bribed by someone . As far as Talibans are considered they are certainly involved with the army , someone I know has been to Wana ( not sure of the spellings ) he says that we used to catch talibanis and then free them just to show America . And those NATO trucks that were lit with fire by the talibanis , it was obvious that the army bribed them . And please you must keep that part in the mind that when any foreign force tries to take control of Pakistan , its those pathans and mullahs who fight with full enthusiasm . Lashkare tayyaba fought in the Kashmir for the muslims , and we just start blaming them just to show off to America , BUT the army still supports them and even the american intelligence knows that . Its a very tangled situation , we can only predict whats going on here or give our own views .

I think what we should do is SHUT our eyes and BLAME INDIA . Like those people did ... revenge !

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Just get one thing straight army is the only institution in Pakistan that is not corrupt

You have no idea beta … that attack on that principal of AMC that major , uncle with beard ( may he go to heaven ) , was conducted by an army official whose daughter had died in that attack on Islamabad’s lal masjid and the madrasah . Us bande ne kassam khaayee thee ke he will kill one high army official . Well I wouldnt take it for corruption but then I dont know what to call it but its certainly not a mishap.