Lahore Photo Blog

Check out a photo a day from Lahore.

nice one


Great initiative - we need more photoblogs!

then check this out

i am not finding enough spare time to upload more of the adventures and happenings in my life. anyhow, this blog will be updated sooner.

Thanks Guys.

Does anyone know of any other City Photo blogs from Pakistan, anyone interested in photography?

how can i share my collection of pics on lahori blog site ?

You can email me your pics and I would be happy to post them for you, the only rule is that they should be your own or you should have permission to distribute them, if you want a link to your personal blog email that to me too and I would add that to your posting. My email is also on the lahore daily photo blog or you can email me at

Do we have a karachi photo blog too??

There is no other City Daily Photo blog fro Pakistan only Lahore, Any one is free to start one, basic idea is to post one picture everyday from your city, once u set up the blog u can join the group at there are hundreds of cities posting pictures everyday and its a great community.

Really?? Can i start it? I mean i have n73 taken pics. not a great quality but pics look good?? should i start with those pics? dont have that much money to but a expensive camera :(

Satan the Idea is to project your city to the world in a positive light, feel free to start if you think you can do that, no one controls City Daily Photo, its up to you. 1 Photo Every Day. Thats the only rule, if you want the site to work, you need to make it well, have good pictures etc, and sure you can put ads on there but not the way you have done on Latest SMS Collection. The advertisement should not be in the visitors face, the ads are for the website, the website is not for the Ads if you know what I mean.

oopss........ Ya i know. Lots of adds in my blog... Well I will see. Currently working on :) may be i will add a section there for my city :)

That could be a good idea.

xaheer bahi thanks alot for such a wonderful blog with Abbottabad pics ,it feels awesome to c your hometown when ur 100's of kilometers away :)

thanks again