Kill switch

I tried it 2 yrs ago on p-iii,now want to play it again on p-iv (2.8G,1G,512 7300GT), but the problem is, when i double/single click on game icon to play only black screen with background sound appears and no video.

driver updated.

Need urgent reply.


May b the game wasn't installed properly... if u played it on P-3, there should be no problem playing it on P-4. I myself enjoyed playing it on P-4 long time ago. So IMO, try reinstallation... may b it will fix ur problem. :)

The game might be too much for your GPU :P

The Recommended System Requirements of Kill Switch is:

Pentium 4 1.5GHz or equivalent


128 MB

Video Memory:

64 MB

Hard Drive Space:

900 MB

So it should work perfectly on your pc, the possible problems could be:

1. The game is not installed properly (missing/corrupt files, etc)

2. This game does not support your graphic card.

So try reinstalling the game. If this does'nt work, either change your graphic card or play another game (there are alot of similar games available).

bros. i still have the same problem.i reinstalled it two times but got nothing.