Khanani, Kalia offer to bring down dollar to Rs 72


I can not believe they are so powerful.......


welcome to Pakistan!


i think they can not do any thing in case of dollar rates...they just want to avoid the strict punishment they know that in pakistan they can do every thing by give this type of is not an easy job to send a lot a money in another country gov also involve in this case sure....


All those people who have been affected by the

rising inflation, who have lost jobs, can't clothe

or feed their kids and some who felt so desperate

and helpless that they killed their families and then

themselves... all this misery, murder and darkness

facilitated by guys like Khannani and Kaalia.

How do these people live with themselves, knowing

they played a central role in hurting this country and

it's most vulnerable citizens. Should they even get

court trials ?.

In Karachi, people are now burning common thieves,

who wish to steal a few thousand. What then, should

be done with folks who were quite successfully bank-

rupting the whole country ?.




Sheikh 'No Justice, No Peacel' Chilli


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What then, should

be done with folks who were quite successfully bank-

rupting the whole country ?.


appoint them to public office… :P

o wait we r already doing that :expressionless:


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In Karachi, people are now burning common thieves, who wish to steal a few thousand. What then, should

be done with folks who were quite successfully bank-rupting the whole country ?.

Sheikh ‘No Justice, No Peacel’ Chilli


It starts like that…frustrated people going after common thugs at first, then it escalates and eventually reaches the high palaces. The french revolution etc all started like that.

Though names & faces are different, but underneath, all of them are the same working on the same agenda.


ahh nice way.. 1st kick.. loot as much as you can and in the end "oh manu maf kar diyo" same old story repeating since 1947

can he move back time,, no!


Government was slow to react as US Dollar jumped from 60 to 81+ but at last they do reacted. That's a good job for government. Though State Bank was sleeping (by selling horses :) ) but FIA did all this action/adventure.

I am waiting for outcome. In most of cases either committees and sub-committees are formed or prolong court cases. Mostly, in the end, every strong arm gets his commission that public had already paid to thugs. Public has gold fish memory, it can't recall when 6 months are passed.

I once read it somewhere "If you steal 10 thousand, you'll go to police station's lockup. If you steal 10 lakh, you'll get jail imprisonment. If you steal 10 corer, nobody will touches unless you don't pay their commission".

But let's give time to our government and see what will outcome of all this situation?


My Predicted Answer: US $9 Billion from IMF :(


welldone khanani n makin this offer........u admitted that u were behind all this bullshit dollar price fluctuation!!!


Look at the name.. KALIA .. :S


their offer is basic economics nothing too great in it


I would love too see them punished guys. Mark my words: "they r going to get out of this".


Nothing will happen with them they will give something like 1 or 2% of all they earned and out great leaders will let them go anywhere in the world to spend their luxurious life without being disturbed :( and by the way Pakistan was made to be robbed :( so envoy it.


^ agreed nothing will happen, instead more moeny will be wasted on useless committes, sub-comitties, comissions etc


People like Kalia have friends in all high offices of the Govt. so its useless to get something out of this case


Mr. 100% formerly known as Mr 10% is trying to threatened the business community by showing them that if you will not give the fee for doing the business we will do the same as we have done with Khanani and Kali who resist to pay Mr. 100%.They have done nothing.10% also did the same with Sadruddin Haswani , he made his life hell.He needs money nothing else.


Why down to Rs72/dollar?? blke he should bring it down to Rs 60! :/


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I can not believe they are so powerful…


Do chittar mazzed laganay chhiye in traitors ko…And the people sending black money abroad through them.


Like Sheikh Chilli and others said. Why give the f***in thieves another chance? f***in confiscate all their belongings, bank accounts. Hang the B*****ds. They've hurt Pakistan more than what any of our enemies could do in a one-week war.

So many people had to cry to even get their food. Everything inflated, from daily VAN fare (incase you've ever had the misery of travelling through those, the van ba****ds increase the fares as soon as inflation/oil prices go up, and they NEVER come back. imagine the regular middle class office-going people, who've to deal with such things on daily basis), everything else getting costlier caz of inflation and it WONT come down now even if the dollar gets down to 50rs.

Moral of the Story: Hang K&K thieves, arresttheir families (yeah, !!) and crush anyone in the same way who try to follow these SoBs


^a bit offtopic you are right with the van part they increase the fares when the petrol prices go up even when they are using CNG and when the petrol prices come down they don't decrease it :/ and its not the case with only van its the same case with every public transport. Corrupt People!