k800i firmware problem

hi. I have sony ericsson K800i. My applications and games do not run.it gives the error "Operation failed." evrything else is working fine.someone suggested me to reflash my phone software.my current software and firmware is


R1ED001 (firmware)


I went to repair shop bt they said they have a different version.so if they replace software,my phone wil b dead.

After that i installed SEUS (sony ericsson update service) on my pc.but it could not detect my phone model. Although SEUS list of models contained K800 but not K800i.

My Questions are:

1- Tell me the easiest way to reflash my software?

2- What if i upgrade it to a different version. Will it be dead?

3- What can be the reason, why SEUS unable to detect my phone. Because if it succeds to detect,then software update is much easier.

4- How and where can i get latest firmwares on internet?

I found this tutorial but be careful: http://forums.se-nse.net/index.php?s=135b06f248ab44abacada13afa76b809&showtopic=16148

I hope you did not get your firmware changed by the shopkeeper. What were you trying to do that it's giving this problem. I tried using this but at activating filesystem it was taking too long so I canceled it and it bricked my phone but got it fixed from the GDFS I backed up before I began. They require you to backup your phone's GDFS before you begin. And you cannot use another phone's GDFS (not even one of the same model). It has to be the exact same phone. I have also read that it can take upto 7 hrs on that activating filesystem step and the battery has to last that long. I think you'll have to search for the firmware you want to put in and use this tutorial to put it in. I would like to point out that I haven't successfully modded the firmware and I'm not trying again. I would not recommend doing this if you haven't modded phones before either, this is probably that hardest way to mod the firmware.

though this article presents flashing the phone in very simple words.but some warning made me afraid that if i do it myself i may lose my phone.

I dont knw how problm occured because i took it from my brother.

What is X++?

Hmmm here is simple guide !!!

Got to iprotebe.cz.

Download your current mobile phone firmware.

Download both FS and MAIn files. You will get both og them in Firmware files--->K800---> FS and Main folder.

now download XS++. Google it. Download the version 3.1.

Flash it with the XS++.

Note: Check your CID before downloading your firmware. to know your cid open XS++ , idetify your mobile. It will guide you to press C and attach with cable. After identyfying on the right side you will see a CIS number of your cell. CID 49 to 52 is easy to flash while if you have CID 53 then you will need soem reading before you flash it.

Read se-nse forums before you do anything.

Remember wrong CID firmware can brick your phone. So be carefull.

Best option.

go to MZ and tell them to re flash your handset. They will use the same method but they will gauratee you atleast.

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Best option.

go to MZ and tell them to re flash your handset. They will use the same method but they will gauratee you atleast.



@Engel: Which handset have you flashed and how long did it take. Can I just use FSX in XS++ and customize the firmware without flashing it and installing custpack and stuff (CDA thingy). I’m a noob at this.

Currently I have k790 !!!

I have already patched flashed my w810, k750 the k790 the w880 many in the lists. I kep on changing handsets because I just get bored of tweaks and other stuffs.

On your question I will have to look at what mobile do you have.

For custom packs you need to patch your phone. Not every SE mobile supports patching.

No you canot customise teh firmware by just getting into FS. Yes you can add some extra features by accesing FS like changing the drives of SOund, media player, add some extra flash themes, adding some layouts or changing the whole menu and yeah you can also change the startup and shutdown screens.

^ I don't want the software info.

ALl I'm asking is to connect your cell phone with XS++ and tell me the details.

This is thread hijacking. I will recommend you to open a new thread. I would love to help you there.

yap... thread hijacking not allowed osman... :)

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Hmmm here is simple guide !!!

it looks as simple as 123. lets see it is or not…

yes MZ is best option but if i do it myself then balle balle… i will be IT engineer then ;)

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now download XS++. Google it. Download the version 3.1.

Flash it with the XS++.


yar i have just downloaded XS++ version 2.2. will it be good or i have to install version 3.1??

@Engel im now completely following your instructions. if i fail to reflash my phone, then i will take your "PLATINUM" from you and will buy a new phone :)

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yap… thread hijacking not allowed osman… :)

Sorry about that, I’ll open a thread later. Have you tried going to MZ? If you fail, you will brick your phone, and it will be worthless. There is a big risk in this. You just want to fix a problem in firmware, you do not want to mod it, that is why I still recommend you go to MZ.

i dont think i m going wrong.i will NEVER flash my phone until i completely know everything about it.and for that i m happy that you intelligent guys are always there to help me... :)

this is what i got when i connected my k800i to pc while running XS++

23:11:36| XS++ v2.2 Ready !

23:11:36| Executed on Microsoft Windows XP


23:11:43| Attempting to open the interface...


23:11:43| Turn off phone

23:11:43| Hold 'C' button on phone and connect phone.

23:11:43| You have 30 seconds.


23:11:51| Baseband ID: 9900

23:11:51| Hardware Platform: DB2020

23:11:51| Protocol Version: 3.1

23:11:51| Phone name detected!


23:11:51| Profiling SEMC phone...

23:11:51| Baseband ID: DB2020

23:11:51| OTP CID: 49

23:11:51| EROM CID: 49

23:11:51| EROM Color: Red

23:11:51| IMEI: 35399601xxxxxx

23:11:51| Phone ID: K800

23:11:51| Network: EUROPE_2

23:11:51| CDA: CDA102511/128 R3A

23:11:51| Firmware Version: R1ED001

23:11:51| EROM: R3A016

23:11:51| Ready for operation!

23:13:43| User chose NOT to update EROM CID!

@ Egel, the site you told is awsome. it has more than 3500 firmwares. but the version i need is EUROPE_2 CDA102511/128 R3A but there i found only one file of EUROPE_2 and that is K800_R1ED001_FS_EUROPE_2_RED49.fbn.rar

but i dont know it is of CDA102511/128 R3A or not?????

similary 4 files for MAIN are available that are CHINA, GENERIC, HONG KONG, TAIWAN. which file to download???

^ Download XS++ 3.1 from here


thanx osman 4m multan :)

First download XS++ 3.1,

And you have cid49, thats is great. Let me help you here. Downlaod xs++, Im coming back with a guide for you :D.



First download these files before procedding.

1. Flash drivers. guess you already have those installed as ou can use xs++

2. XS++

3.K800 main generic firmware for all mobile phones.


Ok I assume you have downloaded XS++ 3.1, Back up your gdfs after connecting it. Reconnect your cell. now the options down Click on the flash button.

Now follow this picture. Remember to select the desired CID.

Cheers :D

^hehe. You misspelled wiredpakistan. Nice tutorial though. Seems like a piece of cake. What happens if he is flashing the firmware and his pc turns of, or his phone runs out of battery or his usb cable gets disconnected, can he flash his phone again or is it bricked?

o han. . . Ye bhi problem ha Egel. What then?