Jury rules against Minn. woman in download case OH mY GOSH!


Damn it man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am against Piracy, but this is tooo much!!!!

Thats why i always say live in Pakistan. So you can have rigths that you cant get any where in the world. Now onto the topic. Thats way beyond Harshness. Too much cost for songs!

ridiculous....I wonder if the jury thought they were gonna get a cut of the $1.92 million :P

a 1.92 million fine is too much, but the defendant (i.e. the woman) DID destroy evidence (erasing and replacing the harddrive she had her songs on) and plainly acted like a crook. Piracy or no piracy, she deserved it.

1.92m is ridiculous, and that too, for a measely 24 songs.

It makes sense if the person distributed it further and made profit, but... sigh...