Joomla installation and setup costs

How much would one pay to someone for setting up a basic Joomla based site, customizing it a bit and adding content. The assumption is that domain and hosting charges aren't included.

That's vague.

Will you be able to mention the basic purpose of the website and the main features required?

It is aimed to be a corporate site primarily for information purposes regarding various services and products. There would be about 10-15 pages max and it would have a simple layout having a main content area and a menu. Drop-down menus (suckerfish?) are preferred. I reckon it would also have one or two forms for queries from visitors. I would think the templates included with Joomla (like the default one or ja_purity) should suffice.

I was asked to estimate what it would cost and I need to give a friend an idea of what it would round about cost him from the majority of developers. Hence, the query.

He needs a custom design integrated to Joomla?

Not really. He says that the default templates are ok for him.

It would probably take 10 hours max. Estimate it with your hourly rate. For me, it's $14.5.

145/hr? It is more likely 14.5/hr...

I will convey that to my friend. ;)

Anyway, thanks for the input.

10,000 Pkr

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145/hr? It is more likely 14.5/hr…

I will convey that to my friend. ;)

Anyway, thanks for the input.



Ill do it all for Rs5000,

Ive been working with Joomla for 2 Years.

lol, i can do this all for free :)).

don't remember, how many i've made for the kids on the internet :-J

I wasn't soliciting quotes for the job. I was merely inquiring about the average cost of such projects.

Average cost 100-280$ ( The variation caused due to template customization / new template build and what the input forms have to handle. )

If u need all above services in wordpress then don't forget to pm me.

opps bidding going on..

can i make a bid too;)

Is your friend using control panel i mean Cpanel?

If he is then he should have fantastico as an installer and joomla is already included there it will install with just 3 or 4 clicks.

Plus i can do it for 2000 and i can also make a template or skin whatever with extra charge.

i would have charged $300 for this job.... ;)

i love joomla ,,,,,