Join this Website!

Please visit and join this website.

It is all about music.

It is new so it is tiny right now but YOU can make it bigger.

No one interested in this website?

no offense but website is giving early 90's look alike outlook..

Ok lets analyze this website of yours. Your website has:

- two members

- no groups

- no events

- zero posts in the forum

- no articles in the magazine section

- no feeds in the news section

- two photos in the photos section (one of a lion, and an x-files poster)

- and no videos

Why don't you explain to us why you expect people to join that website and we'll see if we're interested or not. And yes, I really do want you to answer that question, it was not rhetorical.

^gr8 analysis :D

no body will ever try to promote a social network which can be created in less than 120 seconds i can create too via ,man if you are serious about making websites u must get domain and good hosting.

@Xainnadeem I am not good at arts. (but atleast i made that myself)

@Sah When Wired Pakistan was just made, how many menbers were in it? And how good was it? Was it so popular as nowadays?

It seems it was my mistake to advertise here. :|

^ Wired Pakistan voiced legitimate concerns of people and gave them a place to discuss topics in a very specific area (i.e. technology in Pakistan). At the very start, KO was running the associated blog and he posted his views about WorlCall's service, and ISP's/broadband in Pakistan in general. That was how WP became popular. Because we had quality content, we still have quality content, and this forum caters to a demand for which there is very limited supply.

Do you have any idea how many people advertise their new websites/forums here on a regular basis? Why would anyone bother joining them unless their content sets them apart somehow. You're being extremely naive if you think you can put up a half ass website and expect people to join you after you go begging for members on different forums. If that was the case, our resident website guru Asmar would have been a multi-millionaire from his fifty websites by now...

Focus on building good quality content first by your own effort and then try to advertise your website when you've reached a respectable level. Otherwise you'll end up like 'Cuil'. Too much publicity, too soon and your website will just fizzle out to oblivion.

And I'm still waiting for an answer to my question. Why do you expect anyone to join your website? If you make an honest attempt at answering that question you'll realize why I am right.

Your site is incomplete. Please fill it with loads of stuff. Make a better design. Look at other sites of your kind. Then invite people.