Join our forum and become Moderator

We have set up a forum for all those people who want to share mobile applications with friends and also want to download such applications.

We are currently have these platforms, symbian S60 v2, Symbian S60 v3 9.1 to 9.4, Pocket PC and windows mobile, Iphone, Blackberry, Android, Java and games for all platforms.

We are also going to give you a offer, join our forum and become moderator for lift.

What you have to do. Just open and register and post up to 200 posts and you will be granted as Moderator. So come, hurry and enjoy

We are waiting for you.


lols Interesting offer :) what you think asad??

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what you think asad??


@inspiredidea: First of all you don't want any random retard as your moderator. Second you made the same mistake with your forum as many others, that of adding way too many sections and sub-sections.

And btw, Blackberry does not run Symbian as its OS...!

Being a moderator is a full time job with very little return, if any.

It's not a title that someone achieve and display it in trophy room. It's an on going job that goes on and on...

Many moderators, especially those who are running Pakistani forums, after some months may get mood swings and symptoms similar to bipolar disorder. :D

Just kidding. But its not an easy job :)

dont know why. but every 2nd person on wiredpakistan is killing his time in starting a separate forum, why don't you all "wayly' start some good project as one. it will be a great idea


"we" means??? are you more than one? and if yes then you or your belonged ones are well suited for that offer.

other wise this option(for good results) is not actually used to be like that.

if you dont have persons to do that job. then first look in your system for your forum's regular and responsive members and evaluate who are well suited for that offer. and then offer them. because, after your, they know much about your forums content/rules/policies blah blah blah. prefer them.

and now about your offer.

I must say if some one accepts your offer without having enough knowledge about your forums. he can not perform an exact job to moderate them even if he has a will to do.

slave has given a good advice

y dont u all start or

wiredisp? why dont we all stick to wiredpakistan and contribute willingly :)

thanks for u all . I am so alone and cannot work alone in so much huge project. I neend your help people if you can

when you knew that you are alone then why you started a forum. 1st of all, go around in forums related to your interest. make a social network, you will find many who can join your forum. So! 1st start working out. find some good guys.

Don't kill you time in begging stuff. i don't think you will find a right guy. one thing more. Maybe you will find some guys but in few days they will leave you because if they will not find interest in your forum.

one more suggestion. 1st make a proper website. get a good traffic to your website. When you will see that you daily traffic is more than 50+ unique visitors. place a banner on the header of your website "Join our Forum"

i can bet within a month you will have alive forum :)

Ideas become dream and dreams are possible to achieve.. But Yar with own domain name... :D

hmmm yaar wat is different in your forum?

Well actuallyy nothing

I think, you should concentrate on forum design and categories and build up from scratch.