Job Portals

Lets put all the websites here, from where we can apply online for jobs.

The ones I use are:

I want to know about more and more websites of jobs vacancies. And specially, where government jobs are advertised.

Do you have a proper JACK or a source? If NOT then forget it.These sites are total waste of time.

^100% correct

Yar, aese discourage to na karo. I need to find one, good one, I want to be in Government service.

Indeed,Its the reality.Hehe

To get a decent government job you need safarish usually with rishwat. After all the sole purpose of government job is to eat government fund for life and make money through kick-backs, under-the-table, commission, rishwat, plots.

Who the hell care for judgment day.

yeah true 100 percent true.........dear v r not freaking u but its reality.....i m applyin on these sites for more than 8months n still no invite for interview :(