It's pretty much official: Micronet throttles bittorrent traffic

A few of us (on Micronet) have been facing issues with torrents and when they (I hadn't at that time) called up their helpline, they said that they aren't throttling.

Around two weeks ago, I had called them up, and their CSR confirmed they are using bandwidth "shaping" techniques (either he didn't know what throttling was, or was avoiding it intentionally).

But yesterday, today, a friend called them up again, and they said we're testing certain areas (first it was denied, then one person said it - without specifying any region issues - and now, they say this) and throttling them.

I don't see why you'd throttle "certain areas", and well - had that been the case, why did you deny it before?

Anyway - this message serves as a caution for everyone - if you're into torrents, probably the best time to download them is soemtime in the morning, before noon. If you're not in to torrents, Micronet's a fairly good service.

I'm just not sure why the company did not bother informing customers in advance. I'd like to get my hands on their terms of contract and see what I can do in response to that.

Rather unprofessional to not inform customers of this change. Very sad.

Hmm i am going to Islamabad this Friday, have Nayatel there. Will tell you guys if they are throttling my traffic or not cause I am gonna be downloading a lot of stuff of torrents this weekend.

Please do.

Oh - and do mention which area you're in.

(I wonder if they throttle on Nayatel traffic... although it shouldn't make that much of a difference)

I am in I-8/4

A micronet rep just confirmed that they are to start bittorent throttling for unlimited connections, from 10 am to 6 pm weekdays.

Also, they are throttling bittorrent traffic in selective areas completely for another 10 days.


no problems here. Getting full download speed around 400Kb/s

@Strikerx, can you try at different times? Apparently, in the mornings, it's better off. During the evenings, it slacks off. Haven't checked the afternoons though.

It'd be great if you could.

As i said before. I am facing no issues at all. I am getting full speed at the moment too & i was in the afternoon too.

Hmm... alright. Thanks

np but if they are doing this to MBL customers than its really sad. Self Suicide like i said in another thread.

The problem is their throttling system or whatever they installed is not very efficient, I use Citrix Client for my work and it looks like the system keeps sending TCP resets back to the server which kills the session after certain amount of time (15-20 minutes). I have been unable to get any work and calling their support is useless.

Well - it seems fine for me (torrents) after this thread was put up - but at times, I do face a downtime of the internet - or sluggishness.

Like - massively.

I guess Micronet+my locality just don't seem to gel well.

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Well - it seems fine for me (torrents) after this thread was put up - but at times, I do face a downtime of the internet - or sluggishness.

Like - massively.

I guess Micronet+my locality just don’t seem to gel well.


And if you are planning to shift on PTCl, your gonna curse this decision later on. I am getting 13 KB/s on a famous tv show torrent. So many seeds available yet i don’t know why that’s happening. Got my line checked from lineman and got new cable installed from DP right to my room yet doesn’t grade it A. Though line is clear and without distortion.


I've never gotten a grade-A line. Ever.

I'll ring up Link Dot Net and see if those guys finally offer some service in my area. Knock wood.


Yay? :P

Lucky you. The highest I've gotten is a grade B line - and that too, was a fluke (I think).

You're using fiber, I take it, right? The lowest ping on MBL/copper I've gotten is 45... which is 5ms higher than what I used to get on PTCL's service.


Yeah Nayatel

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Yay? :P


Just let me say you are the luckiest guy in pakistan…:P