Islamic Apps for Ramadan, Android & iPhone O.S


Islamic Apps for Ramadan, Android & iPhone O.S


A comprehensive Qibla finder based on your location with search facility too, this also includes prayer times calculation based on various methods with the ability to share the prayer times with your friends and family. There are other features such as different adhaan for each prayers

Ramadan 2013
has the entire Ramadan timetable for your city in English

Shahr Ramadan, Iftaar and Imsak times (Arabic)
when to begin and end fasting can be tricky. Well with the Shahr Ramadan app you’ll be able to do just that without much fuss, it will get the times for you based on your location.

iDuas Ramadhan
Specially picked duas just for Ramadan and special nights such as Laylat al-Qadr. It has a feature to download the duas in MP3 format

Resala Ramadan
learn all about Ramadan all in one app. It covers many topics such as the rewards for providing food, the wisdom behind fasting and much more

An easy and simple to use tasbih app, good if you forget to carry your beads with you.


So nice Islamic apps I like your sharing. sucha a good work,


Also, check these two mobile applications.

Al Quran App with Translation and Tafseer:
Al Quran application is a very fascinating and brilliant app to use and it has a beautifully designed User-Interface. You can recite the Quran anytime you want, with Al Quran app as well as you can listen the recitation of Quran in the voice of 4 different Qaari and earn bundles of rewards.

Download this app from here;
For Android
For iPhone

Prayer Times Alert & Qibla Direction App:
You must install this app, it will not only give Prayer (Namaz) time alert but also notify you before the ending time of every Prayer (Namaz). Moreover, you can attain the timetable of Namaz for the whole month, you can find any lunar date from hijri calendar and also get qibla direction according to your location.

Download this app from here;
For Android
For iPhone