Is Wateen WiMax Available In All areas of Lahore?

Do we use wateen wimax in all areas of Lhr. ? What they have in their package and how much will it cost me. has such a complex info. about packages.

Ya i think so it covers whole Lahore but in some areas its reception is not that good!!

Probably the best way to know about the coverage is to call Wateen. They will tell you some frenchise near your home. Those Frenchise guys usually know about the coverage in different parts. E.g. in UET area coverage is weak and one has to use outdoor antenna.

Which package is right for you depends on your needs and usage. If you want to download rich media liek movies, songs all the time, day and night, probably Wateen is not good for you because each package has a max usage limit. So having a chat with Frenchise people will give you a good idea. They usually try to sell the most expensive package. But if you debate with them, they will tell you whats right for you.