Is voobys safe?

is voobys safe to download a youtube clip.

There is a Firefox add-on (can't recall its name) that let you safely download videos from (and some other sites too).

It's very famous add-on; can any other Wiredians please tell the name of that add-on?

plz ....... plz .......plz ......

i also use

Here is what I found:

Video DownloadHelper 4.0.2 (recommended by Mozilla)

FlashGot (also good)

I haven't tried anyone of them but I think both will do the job you are looking for, especially the first one. It should be pretty safe to use as it is recommended add-on by Mozilla add-on team.

thank you i try this.........

i think voobys is not a safe way to download ............ right na...

^ I have no idea what "voobys" is or what it does :|

i use voobys to download youtube clips

open a clip which you want to play............. replace the youtube to voobys in address bar ............. for download the clip


^ Nice site with nice idea. If downloaded file has FLV extension then it might be pretty safe to download and play in your computer.

EDIT: Of course, after conversion to other formats, AVI MPEG WMV etc. are also safe to use. Remember to use MPC HC player to stay on safe side.

you like it Wampyr.... so what are you waiting for ......... lets start downloading your fav clips from youtube.

also try

Real Player 11 has a built in feature to download any video from any site. It installs a plugin in your browser and as soon as a video starts playing you have the option to save it, it also saves in FLV format.