Is This (TV --> Monitor), Possible?


Has anybody tried to get their TV to function

as a monitor for their PC ?. Typically, for watching

videos that you have stored on your HD.

I have visited many local shops and I was told

that it has not been done. It could not be done.

It is not possible.

My graphics card supports media output to TV,

HD sources, etc. But I can't get it to work. Not

with the white-yellow-red wires, nor with the S-

video wire.

Has anybody experimented with it and got it to

work out there ?. Some folks say you need some

special wire, with a feedback capacitor or sumthin

to make it work.




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ive been thinking of trying since my GC supports it. will let u know if i manage to succeed


You can do it as long as you have a graphic card in PC that supports TV out. However, this function is heavily dependant on the driver. For instance, windows Vista drivers for Nvidia TVOUT are known to be problematic. You may have more luck if you are running XP.

As far as being able to do it, yes I have done it. However, watching movie is probably the only thing that you can do as it is almost impossible to read any text (too blurry).

By the way, if you have a LCD monitor, then its not worth the effort to try and connect your CRT TV to the PC for watching movies. LCD provides much clear picture.

Coming back to How to do it. You mentioned Red Yellow wires. It is called Composite AV cable. Red/White are for Stereo Audio whereas video wire is color coded as Yellow. This yellow wire is all you need to connect your card to PC if you have a composite TV OUT. In the TV, it will connect to similarly colored (Yellow) jack, not the place where you put antenna or cable tv cable. If you do not have a set of connectors on TV colored Red, White & Yellow then your TV does not support AV input.

Other type of TV Out is S-Video which has a circular connector with 4-6 pins inside. It carries only video (no audio signals).

Some new video cards & notebooks are coming with HDMI cable. HDMI is meant to carry both video and audio but so far I have seen only video signals capable cards & laptops. You need to consult the documentation if you own such a video card/laptop.


Make sure that the TV is set as the output device for your PC from your PC's video configuration.


i have! but the output is pretty blurry for you to be able to read text etc but for movies it is good enough, my vga supported it and it was budled with a cable to do that so it wasnt a big problem for me, even these local cable providers go thorugh that route

edit: if your vga card supports tv out it will show two monitors in the display properties, you will have to select the other one as default and you will be good to go (though it shows output without that too but it only shows only selected things like your wallpaper only)

oh kuya wrote everything you would need!


i do it all the time with my PC mine has S video out and i just plugin the S video cable into the PC and the TV and it works perfectly


Doing it with the S video output is a waste of time. If your TV supports a DVI input or even better yet a HDMI input then its really worthwhile. Obviously your computer graphics card should have a DVI or HDMI output as well.

I had my PC hooked upto my LG plasma through HDMI. HD movies were a treat to watch.


^ S Video atleast for my TV is not a waste because my Tvs max resolution is 480p which is more than achievable through S video


I also have an S Video port and cable...How can i connect it...


u must have a g-card with a composit or a s-video out... n some tvs also have RGB in.. so u can connect via tht too


I have used it so many times. The result on TV is not very good, especially the text is very blurry and quite difficult to read. I use TV out for only watching movies and playing games.