Is this site work (pakistani girls mobile numbers)



i saw this website and entered a number there,

is this site is real or fooling people,,




nah i wont trust it


just a scam


^you tried it? :D


^^ Experience is talking? :D


i guess the admin is putting numbers by searching out numbers from his SIS***'s mobile....

sorry but i dont think any girl wants her number to be there else gashtis..


Ohhh. you all are here :D


I hope the OP dies in a sh!t-related methane explosion beyond the description by the english language....there is absolutely no reason to be trolling the internet for the numbers of girls. Take a hint, there is probably a reason why evolution is working against you.


^^^^^wow all u guys seems to b very intrested in girls :lol:


This is natural instinct , all guys are always interested in girls and will interested till infinite time, the others who are not interested in girls , I cant say anything about them..its well known..


Its pathetic how frustrated some people are that they resort to such lame stalkerish behavior. Please don't post such dirt websites on this forum.