Is this a fake Iphone


Fake or real ?


its a bidding and the reserve hasn't been met yet


I think it is fake and even if its not fake it's still not worth It (2GB only and no WLAN)


It seems fake to me. The iPhone hasn't been released in Asia (yet), and there is no 2GB version.


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its a bidding and the reserve hasn’t been met yet

Um, i know. But is it real or not? Because the guy claims it is and he has 6 sets. If its original i might definately buy it. No WLan, no problem. Yeah i have a wireless router at my home but using internet on such a tiny screen with no key board is just so messy. 2gb is enough for me.


Its fake. I can tell because it says the camera has option for recording video. The iPhone, as of yet, cannot record video.

Secondly, it cannot send MMS - the auction claims it can. False.

Thirdly, Apple is a very secretive company. I would seriously doubt that they would let some limited editions of their phones leak out like this. If they had, this would be on Gizmodo or Engadget by now.


I just saw the video he posted. Thats not an iPhone. Its a chinese copy, albeit a very good one. I'll bet anything on it. Do not bid on it unless you want to be ripped off!


no picture here...