Is there ny credit card solution for under 18 teens?

I was wondering, if any bank offer credit card solution to teens under 18?

i think UBL offers a pre-paid credit card.

still, it's available to CNIC Holders

Means, I have to get NIC card of someone to get registered

It's a nice card with good features

Get supplementary card. I remember there are cards for students offered by some bank (dont remember the name, maybe Alfalah?)

Don't you guys find it difficult to handle all these Credit Card issues? And in teens, uff!

PS: I canceled my card; cut it in two and sent it; and now the 'spamming' helpline isnt calling me... haha.. they wouldnt call to loose a service.. marketing oh marketing!!

I need the card to shop at some websites

Does this help?


All Bank Alfalah Basic Card members can apply for supplementary cards in separate categories including Son’s Card, Daughter’s card (children who are above 13 years of age) and House Staff’s card.

I liked the supplementary card over student card because I am not in a university yet, So can't apply for student card

Thanks for the details about the supplementary card