Is there anyway i can keep my router?

i'll be disconnecting IPTV in a week but i dont want PTCL to take the huwawei router and give me the ZTE one. I need a router with atleast 3 ethernet ports. Is there anyway i can keep it? Can i buy it from them?

How long have you been using the service?

DSL for over a year and IPTV for about 7 months. i dont think its been one year for IPTV yet

can i buy the TP link wireless router and configure my DSL on that? because i just on their website, the back panel DOES NOT have a connection for telephone line. there are lan connections and a WAN connection.

no unless you have sum links in PTCL

ammar you can't keep the huawei router, get urself any router, just like the tplink one you saw, then once you return the huawei router and get the ZTE router, you can connect the ZTE router with your TP-Link broadband router.