Is it true that the prices of mobiles are going to fall?

I have to buy the nokia 5220, but ive heard that the 5-50% extra GST imposed by the government will be removed very soon.

Something about a bill proposed to the CJ or something.... im not into all this.

but what i want to confirm, "Is this true?"

should I keep waiting or should i just go out and buy it..

In peshawar the set is for 11,500, new

is this good? what about your cities?

^ No politics but every thing cannot simply proposed to CJ. Some responsibility should also be shared by this GOVERNMENT.

As they claim that they come up with votes, then why don't they require to get voting or comments from the general public about such taxes?

They imposing so many taxes on communication and telecommunication, and that too on the customers shoulders. My God, who the hell minister or so called adviser is working in the corridors of this governments, recommending to get 14, 15 rupees on every recharge. PTCL bills also bring taxes.

Even one has to pay the Rs.25 fees for Pakistan Television, even someone wants to watch it or not.

yeah like i said, the high prices suck.

i just want to know will they fall anytime soon according to my info?

I think yes. because now they gonna get $1.5 billion every year for so called war on terror.

But may be if they inject new ministers in cabinet, then more tax on such mobile, telecommunication, IT, etc stuff.

^ Nay don't expect any such thing from this govt.

im also fed up of this govt