Is it safe to buy an iPhone 3G 8GB on for $180-230?

One of my close friends wants to buy an iPhone 3G on where the dealer has offered to sell him a new iPhone 3G 8GB unlocked for $200. I would not trust that but he insists that it is his own money and he wishes buy it from there. Is it safe? If you were in his place, would you buy it?

Would anyone share their personal experiences of buying phones like this? I'm unable to convince him that it's a scam.


check if the seller is a gold or silver member if they are then you are on the save side also check the serial # of the phone to see if its clone or not.


Firstly No. I have an idea.. If you have a friend in Europe or America tell him either to buy you an iphone 3G 8GB... It only costs about neary 15 pounds for England... Tell him to send to you by someway(Dont know?)and when you get it you can crack it here in pakistan but i dont knw the cracking post a thread for it... If you dont like this Idea Buy your Iphone here at Fully licensed copyrighted :P