Is it possible to know someone's sms details

HEy GUyx..

i wanna know if it is possible to get someone's messaging log like on which numbers someone sent messages and at which date n time....just numbers not the actual text messages...if possible than any 1 here can tellme who have access to that details??? some one working in a franchise can do it or a higher authority have access only! waiting for replyx...thankxx

Telenor web based service

Zong e bill service


i know about those services...but i am tawking about illegaly knowing about some1's else details....through inside sources in company...n em tawking about Warid...

^find some one in your relatives or friends working in that company which record you are wondering to look for.

this is private information to them and to their customers. how can you even think about that if you request any one in Warid and ask for any buddy's information and he will just give that to you without knowing who you are....... :rolleyes:

you should get some other work to do if you dont have any relative or friend or any friend of a friend in there.


i dont need to look into sum1 details but i just wanted to know is it possible r not ...its possible i know that but who have access to that details i just wanna know that...because a frnd ov mine challanged meh he can and he showed me all the log of my numba...buh he aint telling me how he did... and he aint at any high post was just thinking that iz dat so easy to know :o

in backend team everyone can do it 1000 of 1000 guys working over there. if u have any source u can do it easily. otherwise in pakistan everything is possiable with money.

Anyone working in customer services has details available to them ... so if your friend works in WaridTel he can!

And if he does ask him to show a written paper log to you, so you can complain high up and get him fired :P


thankxx for info

@sir ahsan

ya sure i would do that cox i have the complete log detail of my number but unfortunately i dont know the source or the actual person working in WaridTel who did this :D