Is it possible to bypass nearest BTS

I was using Warid EDGE for the past some months. The tower having EDGE coverage is at some distance from my home. Although signals were never more than 60-70% yet I was getting good EDGE speed of about 20 KBps.

Now they have installed a new tower near my home (about 200 meters from my home) and this tower does not have EDGE coverage. My mobile is now showing a 'G' sign and the speed I'm getting is no more than 5 KBps.

Is there any way that I can bypass the nearest tower and connect to the distant tower which has EDGE coverage?

No, until the nearest BTS gets too much traffic you cannot bypass it or connected to another BTS.


Really hard to do, nearly impossible. There could be chance of 5% success by using specialize custom-made directional antenna that is shielded from sides (to prevent interference from closet AP) and try to get almost line-of-sight to "other" AP. Too little chance of success. :|

i would rather suggest you to email warid customer support and lighlight the same issue.

So that at least they notice and might be they change connectivity in near future. (although i do not expect they will do , it is Pakistan.)

which handset u r using if it is nokia then i might help u! let me tell u it is possible.

^^ please share , we all wanna know . I have a nokia 6630

well then u r really good to go just download and install the app named as Netmonitor_FTD_4_Nokia_6680

i have also included apps for other symbians excluding latest symbians and Nseries e.g N70 N73 N95 etc. iam unable to find this app for N70 and N72 even if installl that 6630/80 one it will not work. and for Latest Nseries i have it but it need additional work to install it. well i can provide it too if u want.

ok so after installing real work begins.

icon for this app is a Bug and it names as Test. Run the app. u will get screen like this.


here u can see Channel no and Rx level so Channel no Means the BTS which u r currently attached and Rx Means Signal Strenght in this case lower no mean Powerful signals -60 is really good.

u can see in red color right under "Feild Test" 1.1 is written it is the page no.

u need to go to page no. 1.3 either use scroll keys or press option and select "Change Display" and write 0103 and press ok u will see screen like this.


here u can see all the nearest BTS with their signal strength. now write all the Channel Nos. displayed on left side under CH.

Now the real part begins the tricky one

now u go to page No. 1.12 or in change display 0112 u will see scree like this.


u need to convert u r CH nos in Hex format e.g if u want to go to channel no 77 u need to enter it as 4D the easiest way i found is to use windows calculator with sceintific view. write ur channel no and the press the Hex and it will give the value. but if ur network is using channel no as E1 or E9 or any other with alphabet (zong is using this format in my area) then i cant help u so if u find a way then do let me know. for older models e.g 6600 or 7610 and latest Nseries and symbians BTS changing is really easy all need to do is enter the CH no as it is shown on the page and BTS will change.

so after coverting ur CH no to hex format press Option and then Execute and enter CH no in hex format ur fone will started to get signals from that BTS.

but then u will only get signals from that BTS and if u go away from that BTS u will not get signals from other BTS. so either restart ur fone or enter 3333 as CH no ur fone will get in defualt position

to check if ur BTS is providing EDGE or not then go to page no 6.12 or in change display 0612 u will get screen like this


here if ur fone displays EGPRSsupport 1 then EDGE is there if it displays 0 then normal GPRS.

more info is here

i hope it will help alot.

Is something avialable like this for 6230i

yep but it requires you to flash ur fone with specific firmware and unfortunately u cant do this by ur self. a way to get it in ur fone is to take ur fone to some reputed mobile shop and ask them to flash it with NetMonitor. if u r in Islamabad then u can take it Links International the know the stuff.

well I don't have a Symbian. it's a cheap one, 3110 classic

Shuak Bhai nice Guide I Have Nokia N95 Can you help me..ThANkS

sorry G.a.m.e yaar im really busy these days due to wedding of my brother on 27 of this month.

BTW to install Netmonitor to ur fone first u have to hack ur fone follow this link to hack

for info ur fone is FP1 so in that link download from the FP1

and after this download and install Netmonitor

and usage is same as above only difference is u just enter tower no as it is no need to convert it into Hex.