Is Google Android ever coming to Pakistan?

Hello. It has a full Qwerty keyboard, which fascinates me very much.

Do you guys have any news when its gonna come to Pakistan. And do you people have any idea about the price? Thanks.

You're talking about the HTC G1 from T-mobile? I don't know about that, but I think LG, Motorola and maybe Sony as well have announced plans for making an Android based phone - those are more likely to show up here I think.

Google is also giving unlocked G1's to Android developers (you have to be a registered developer) and I'm pretty the G1 from T-mobile can be unlocked too.

Did you know Google gave away the G1 to it's employees for these holidays?

Yes. Its known as Eating one's own dogfood. Slashdot!

i think it l not come to pakistan for selling but from uk may people birng nd use l be find in pakistan later

see htc for qwerty phones nd also sony ericsson xperia

I wouldn't regarded it as dog food. Yes, the phone isn't fully developed and blah blah, but considering the whole world is going goo-goo-gaa-gaa over the alleged dog-food, I think it's a pretty good deal for the annual bonuses Google gives to it's employees based on performance. And considering the recession has hit the world quite hard, I wouldn't mind receiving this gift at any time :P

PS: I would regard it as loyalty and super-duper cool rather than dog food :P

It seems some of you guys rather than wzub may have misconception about it. may be not but as seems reading the text above I felt it. soooo.

firstly be cleared, Google Android is not a Phone but a Platform for Mobile Phones. also you can guess it in the post by wzub

and so for you, who thinks the phone with Android is not going be available in Pakistan, No! it might be shipped and marketed in Pakistan as companies like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Motorala are planning or have planned to release Android based handsets.

personally I'd not go for it BTW. I am Google fan but in this regard I can't trust it as it is not stable yet.

I only prefer Symbian phones specifically from Nokia.

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Did you know Google gave away the G1 to it’s employees for these holidays?

Doesn’t Apple do the same with the iPhone? Saying they’re eating their own dog food is harsh.

bellskar i know its platform but t mobile has already released first andriod based mobile nd its name z G 1

mylein z asking abt tat

I m just differentiating both of them. as I felt that topic starts from Google Android and Going throught a specific phone.

you are right if talking specifically about G1

seen 1 for sale in hafeez center dono for how much but it was off t-mobile

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ple do the same with the iPhone?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Afterall, a company would like to give it’s goodies to its employees