Is DDR2 available in 1333 mhz?

please let me know id ddr2 avaialbel in 1333 mhz ?

if so from where ?

not in pakistan i guess...

may b u can order corsair to make one for u

not ddr 2 but it is ddr 3 that is available in 1333 mhz

then what is this ?

please also let me know is ddr2 1066 available in pak ?

Check for DDR2 1066 BUS speed, I think the said chips can be overclocked to 1333. You can order 1066 DDR2 from OR

Do you even have a motherboard that supports 1333mhz? I think any such motherboard is going to be expensive. As joker said, 1066 is available at galaxy, namely " CORSAIR DOMINATOR TWIN2X4096-8500C5D/1066 BUS (2GBx2) XMS2 DUAL MEMORY KIT "

yes i have asus Maximus 2 Formula motherboard.

no i dnt think soo.. but u can confirm this from rawalpindi shops in dubai plaza

i m in karachi ! and asked here from uni centre / plaza etc and no where i find the same :(

now i m planning to order the same from abroad

No, DDR2-1333mhz is not available an Pak. and as far as I know, with the arrival of ddr3, no major and trusted company has plans to make one

FOr which RAM I should go DDR2 o DDR3? My friend says that its better to go for DDR3 and the a board wwhich it will support is also for 11k.

Does it make any significant impact by using DDR3, although I would go for a 2.8 C 2 Duo.

It does significant increase in performance ONLY if u r using an i7 Pc. DDR@-1066 is more than enough for C2d

^^ agreed

I am not going for i7.

Which brand of RAM is best. A guy in market gives me 4GB Kingston Ram for Rs.4400 but a friend says Kingston is not reliable.

I want a total RAM of 4GB. Recommend a brand plz.

Corsair XMS2 is your best option.. go for it

Corsair Dominator

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Corsair Dominator


which combination should be used? 2gb x 2 or a simple 4gb?

Dual Channel Ram is better... (2gbx2) oh and please check if ur motherboard supports the corsair dominator OC'd RAM which the others mentioned