Is Cold Fusion dead?

.Is Cold Fusion dead?

.Should we accept jobs for such a language?

.Why is Pakistan still working in Cold Fusion, when JEE and PHP are the top current Web development languages?

.Is Cold Fusion dead?

Not to me atleast or to any Coldfusion expert or to any Client who is running Coldfusion for their business or not to Companies who really offer professional services in Coldfusion. and if you will compare it with PHP. you will really gonna hear hard replies. but I am not currently willing this lead to in a deep discussion.

.Should we accept jobs for such a language?

if you are a guru in Coldfusion. and companies really need you then they will hire you at any cost.

make sure the job is not project based. they CAN hire you on the cost that you want. but they will kick you out right after the project ends

in Pakistan there are very less clients who have setup in Coldfusion (only reason, very expensive). more of the Companies work for foreign clients. if they are permanently working in Coldfusion then going for it is Plus.

you can earn 10x of PHP on your own if you are a Coldfusion expert.

you can compare J2EE with Coldfusion but only with on some extent. there is much more in Coldfusion in latest releases but it always have had the Backbone of Java.

again Comparing it with PHP. I'll not go with it. because I know the PHP has big rush only because every 3rd developer has knowledge of PHP blah blah blah.

I am not blaming PHP in any way. but a PHP expert "real expert, not the PHP framework expert" also with mastered expertise of Coldfusion will not even let you compare both.


what PHP only has the reason being in top languages is that it's all kind free to use.

if Coldfusion would have been free in that way. there would not have been a kind of language that is PHP.

P.S. try to quest some thing that is your own thought, DONT TAKE IT FROM THE WEB SEARCH :)

Yeah you are right, on the money.

Although, as for the PHP thing, I had a different and opposite response from regular !@#$ webDevs. Their claim is(and still is) that .net is 100% times better than PHP. :rolleyes:

Which "regular !@#$ webDevs"? :)

I think PHP is 100% better than ASP.NET. :P

Though, I have worked in both languages and both are equal. I can read ColdFusion but never did some big working in it.

As said above, the biggest advantage of PHP is that it is free and anyone can easily setup LAMP or get account in already working LAMP.

LAMP = Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

A perfect combination of 100% free and legal softwares. Whoa! Can anyone wish for anything else. Ahh... yes of course, other than Ferrari... ;)

Also there is soo much help/codes/communities available for PHP users that it easily eclipses even (dare I say it) Java