Is anyone interested in translating to Urdu?


Is anyone here interested in translating to Urdu language - that is, proper Urdu script (not the Roman Urdu junk)?

I was contacted by the Hyperspin staff for this. I don't have the time, nor the will to work on this and see this through to the end. If anyone is interested, I can forward your name to them. Their email to me is quoted below:

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I would like to ask if you would be interested in partnering with us to translate our website into Urdu. This will be a good opportunity if you like our service and would like to resell our service to the Urdu speaking community.

We can give you the following benefits if you help us:

1. Use up to $25 of our service (monitoring, SMS etc) for free every month. If you have paying customers under our reseller program, you can pay from this money as well.

2. Give you a reseller account and set your volume discount at 40% so you earn more profit. Combine with 15% reseller discount, you get 49% TOTAL discount!

3. Assign you as the "official Urdu reseller". Hyperspin customers who want Urdu email support (since we can't provide) will be asked to sign up your service instead. Those who don't mind using English email support can still sign up with Hyperspin. This business referral is the BEST and LONG TERM benefit for you!

I am sending this invitation to a few selected users (including you). Please let me know ASAP if you are interested, we can discuss more.

Thank you.


Of course, you will get the benefits mentioned if they agree.

I think it is a good opportunity to provide Urdu support on such a site - localization increases positive image of a country to some extent. If anyone here is interested, post to show your interest. If you have previous experience with making Urdu websites or translating websites to Urdu, do mention it and post the links of those (previous) websites, if possible. :)

So, who's interested?


great opportunity i think few of the guys on this forum have the experience


Yeah, there are a couple of good programmers and webmasters here and they can definitely avail this opportunity.

They might even have received this same email if they are registered at hyperspin.


Try hooking me up if you can, i got 4 months of free time till my visa arrives (hopefully). Nothing to do at all


Any previous experience with Urdu websites (apart from reading them :D )?


a bit more would be needed than just free time :)


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Any previous experience with Urdu websites (apart from reading them :D )?

i assumed it was text only translation

guess not


[quote=", post:, topic:"]

i assumed it was text only translation


That might be the case.