Iphone Number localisation fix >?

Iphone firmware 2.0.2

Okay the iphone cant detect that the numbers 03334000000 and +923334000000 are the same. It is a very annoying problem because if you don't fix each of your contacts you cant no who called or messaged unless you remember his number. If anyone knows of a fix to this or can write up a fix it will be highly appreciated.

There are a number of other regions regional fixes available which might solve this problem. If anyone has had any success with them please share.


there was a fix for 1.1.4 in localization in installer but as far as i know it hasn't been converted to 2.x.x yet so yull hv to wait

yar there are many localization fixes for 2.xxx as well . If u remember the exact name of the fix for 1.1.4 that would be greatly helpful.

dont remember the name, cant even find anything on google, add +92 to your phone numbers, if you start now you could finish by sehri :D, or you could wait for a new fix.

lol im not that WAILA......I found the fix for 1.xxxxx


but cant find it for 2.xxxxx.

Okay you have 2 edit these to files for your specific country



If someone can edit and upload them for Pakistan it would be great.

Okay I found out the solution but the files can only be edited on a mac. On windows it requires additional software.

Download following files



ADD following changes










00 $


and upload back in again

Make sure u make backups !!!

Okay I have edited the files

Download and enjoy!


Thanks a lot buddy!

Working great


Could u upload the mobileinstallation.framework folder, i accidentally deleted it

I have the edited version of mobileinstallation.framework so it is useless to you...

i am also using the edited version, the problem is that i accidentally deleted the file coderesources while trying to replace mobileinstallation file in the mobileinstallation folder, cracked apps are working now but because of deletion of the codesources file the phone takes almost 3-4 minutes to boot

Sorry mate Iphone browser 1.8 gives an error when i try to copy that file.

no problem, i got it from planet iphone forum, thnx anyway for trying =)

What provider are you guys using? I am on Telenor on a iPhone 3G and I think because the phone is in 'roaming' mode it requires more changes to the local prefixes etc..

i am using mobilink unlimited data plan, unlocked it with quickpwn and only had to use the phone number localization fix, thats alll, only this fix has to be applied

I assume then you are using the previous iPhone model if you have it 'unlocked' via QuickPwn, any how I have applied the Localization fix by iSpazio, will let you guys know how it handles international calls which can be a little tricky because of the Turbo Sim

heyy caller id fix 2.1 doesnot work in my iphone 3g plz any 1 help