iPhone 2G 8GB

salam i want to sell

iPhone 2G 8GB

condition 7/10

will box and every thing

60+ apps

OS 3.0

Rs 24000

contact 0332-8244403

Post some pictures of iPhone

and reason for selling ?

I might be interested.

well i guess you are from Gujranwala?

this deal is for karachi only, the reason of selling is, i want to buy the next version of iPhone.

Price is very high..mu cousin just bought one for Rs. 15000 and there is another available for 16K in which we can download from the itunes shop using jailbreak and custom firmware (not possible with jailbreak alone)

If you come down to 15K-16K we can talk


go get one from the market thn!

I also bought one from the market for 16000. Way too high qaisarehman

if you really got it, in good condition and with every thing thn too lucky, :)

and one thing, if you people got 2g in 16 thn how much for the 3g 8gb han ???

Pics would really help, and you should consider decreasing your demand, if you are charging more from the apps and os 3.0, it is an easy process to do all that stuff, jailbreaking, patching the mobileinstall and installing cracked apps, so you shouldnt charge extra for it

@bathisland & shlazz

My father is in karachi, if you can borrow Iphone2G 8GB for me for 16k within good cond, all acc, then i will take it. What you say?

I can tell him where I got mine from .....he can go there and get it himself.. I got mine from a mobile store near Evolution restaurant. Good luck and be prepared to bargain.

as far as the apps and OS, im not charging a single ruppe for that, i got it free and its free for all, :)

i will upload the pics, soon

here are the images







does all work in the phone i.e. both bottom speakers etc? are the orignal headphones included?

bro, there is only one speaker in iphone the other is mic!