Investment in National Saving Scheme (NSS)

Hi all

I want to invest some amount (Rs. 500K) in NSS for medium term and would like to have the opinion of other members.

Please share your experience if you have invested in National Saving Scheme earlier.

Also, is it possible to invest in NSS while staying abroad.

(Though the website provides some info but of very basic in nature).

I'm really really interested in personal finding and experiences....

In anticipation, thanks.

Why you want to go for savings? Khao Peo aish kero. Na fikar na faka aish ker kaka.

sometime back, there was a thread on this topic. U can get some info 4m it. IMO in the present uncertain times its one of the safest investments. there interest rates are also gr8 nowadays.

^ Yea that was my thread...

You will find lots of info here. Read here...

Is it possible to invest in NSS while staying abroad? anybody who can clears this point?