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best bet is do day trading in s&p500 dow etc...been consistently averaging 3k dollars everyday on an investment of 40k dollars...the problem is its a everyday thing u gotta research the first half of the day and the second half u gotta act so basically its a full time job with eating and smoking breaks only and the money aint mine :P

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As per the SECP Circular sent on 7th October 2008, it is clear that only funds with equity exposure

(equity funds, balanced funds, asset allocation funds etc.) have been frozen. This

means that no investment, redemption, transfer of units between funds etc can be

done during this period. Apart from, but is this possible that transfer of units between the unit holders for some consideration in the same fund/single fund can be made in the abovesaid open-end mutual funds i.e, equity funds, balanced funds etc. ?

Can any one guide and oblige??


KARACHI, Dec 11: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) issued a directive on Thursday evening, asking the three stock exchanges in the country to remove the ‘floor’ from under the equity prices from Dec 15. Source:

This means that after the 3rd day of floor removal the funds with equity exposure will re-open and you will be able to transact.

Regarding equity funds

Safe funds out of all the available options in mutual fund industry are:

1.Atlas Islamic Income Fund

2.Faysal Savings & Growth Fund

3.ABL Income Fund

Your questions and queries regarding the Mutual Fund industry are welcome.

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