INVEREX VM II hybrid solar inverter good / bad?

Dear Nadeem5476, i hv 3 plates and 2kv inverex ups, now i want to upgrade my ups sysmtem. plz suggest the inverex Vm2 or vm3 better for me. i hv gree intever ac, will it work on aforesaid requirments?

Can any one please tell if VM II Inverter keeps working or it shuts down when we are running it on no battery mode or without batteries and power (wapda) shuts down.

Nadeem sahib as you have written that we can use this inverter without batteries in day time and night time through KSE or Wapda I have installed VMIII settings of VMII and three are same but when there is no PV in the night my inverter is not using WAPDA I have to switch it to utility with the help of change Over Switch and Inverter is dead shutdown in the night please tell me my installer has told me same story that it is normal behavior of VM please guide if I am doing any thing wrong in the setting.

As Salam O Alekum
I purchased VMIII but on solar the output voltage is being fluctuated at the time of PV providing voltage
Abdul Qadir

You should use VM III 5.2KW with 4000wt PV with 4 Batteries of 200Amp total will be 800Amp VM III provide you 3000 watt in a day without help of Utility
Abdul Qadir

I have installed inverex 3.2kw VM3 with 8 panels(each of 300w). All panels are in series. I am geeting around 325volts but amp are just 0.9amp. I have checked all the panels individually and was getting 6.8amp to 8amp
What went wrong please guide me.

If batteries are charged, only minimal current for float charge of batteries will be used. Rest of the energy won’t be used.

If the inverter is grid-tie type, the solar energy not being used for charging batteries would be diverted to the grid.

Sorry about my question. I checked the settings of this inverter and found that the 1st option to aupply power was KE, this was the reason there were almost no AMP.

Iam running a normal AC 1ton on this 3.2kw inverter
Thank u

Any one here use this bluetooth option in 3.2KW VMiii ?
I have downloaded the app “watchPower” but when connecting to bluetooth its giving an error message that "it can not connect. Please check that the device is ready to connect ". How can I connect this device?

Can you share your feedback regarding this inverter. How is it performing? Someone told me that the 3KW VM III can only use 2000W of PV and that if the connected load is greater than 2000W then the inverter will use power from Grid or battery even if excess PV power is available. Is this true?

What was ur finding regarding your this question?
Does it manage to mix two different power sources to meet load demand?

Omer javed
How much did the system cost you please share

Dear brother i recently purchased inverex VMIII. On solar 1st option it still bypass to grid. I checked it consumed some amperes from grid whereas solar is still available.
Currently I’m using SBU option but I’m worried about batteries.
What is your suggestion.


Dear Nadeem,

I have bought Inverex VM ii 2.2 In August since I have visited service center 8 times for software issue. Please tell me to whom I shell contact to resolve my issue.

any further update about vmiii? who are using this model plz tell us their experience about this model?

2019 models aerox have been launched yesterday.

@nadeem5476: I have solarmax 3.2Kw R4 series inverter(basically itsVMII). I connect with (320x4)+(330x2)+(335x4) pannels which install time to time due to money constraint, the issue is in day time when my load is raise above then 1500watt, the inverter show that solar pannel only produce the power is around 1200watt, event I increase the load from 1500watt to 2000watt, the solar generation shows same, and inverter take the extra load either K-electric or if not avaible to take from batteries.

my inverter setting in option-1 is SOLar first and battery charging source is solar+utility. Please help me why this happen. I already check my solar pannels and its produce 330 to 400 vdc,

Are any of your panels shaded or dirty? Is the power reading of 1200 watts when sun is shining at full brightness around noon or at some other time or on cloudy day? Apart from above, since panels are all in series, one or more panels may be producing lower than rated power due to defects like hot spot damage, micro-cracks, etc. You can check this by testing panel outputs individually.