INVEREX VM II hybrid solar inverter good / bad?


Asslamo alakam
i have 5 k watt vm11 invrex inveter
mostly problem

2 high temp problem when ever i clean filters on sides,

restart failure long beep continuous.
after setting charge only on pv but it use grid to charge battery.
minimum dc in put 120 when ever 5 kva had start with 60 to 72 dcv
we cant use 3 or four panel string to achieve better out put if part of one solar panel in shade it drop the volt of string all panels.
company revise its software and re design .
any person can tell me how it can be use without batteries.

thanks & regards
Abdul razzaq fsd.


Wa alaikum salam wa rehmat ULLAH brother , sorry replying very late , The SOLAR mode is just to charge the batteries and IF there is some extra power from the panels u have then that power will b used to your load . This is a bit tricky Because when you change the MODE from SBU to solar / utility then this will happen - The batteries need to b charged at some point and when VM2 thinks that the solar power is not enough to charge the same then it will take utility power to charge the batteries as well .

please note and read the manual too that the SOLAR ONLY function will work Only in SBU mode and not in the solar / utility mode .


there is no such problem with my vm2 , 5kw model . is remains cool , not even warm alhamdoLILLAH . 60 - 72 dc volts uses in older units like VP or MP models but those u cant MIX 2 sources together like in this one and you canr use those models without batteries but in this model u can use this without batteries too .
read the manual and you will see that the battery selection options , select NO BATTERY and then you will b able to use this without battery .


Good day Mr. Nadeem. I have few queries regarding this inverter, will be thankful if you reply.
will a 3kw inverex vm2 run 1 ton ac directly from PV during day time?
can it be monitored through software using wifi or usb?
what is price of 3kw inverter?
being fooled already, the shop keeper installed solerpanels with normal inverter which continuously charge battery from wapda which i guess is not economical as i cannot get maximum of panels during daytime, so want to change it. your help will be highly appreciated,


Yes it can run one ton Inverter AC easily with solar panels of Atleast 1500 watts without problem, and with assistance of batteries you need to only install thousand watts to 1200 watts of panels. .
Regarding price am not sure so plz contact any local dealer. You can also run this Inverter without batteries in day time as well as in night too. In daytime you will be using solar and in night time wapda or KESC etc.
Yes you can monitor thru Usb or networking cable as well. But not Wi-Fi.
If you are good in networking then you can also manage to see the performance thru Wi-Fi too.


thanks dear for the responce


One more question before I finally make my mind to buy it, will it support parallel mixing two sources? like if load is 1200watt solar is producing 1000 watt, will it be able to take 200 watt from wapda or battery to fulfill the requirements.? I heard Hybrid can do that but better to get answer from you based on your experience.


not every Hybrid do this by the way. but this one does this for sure.


Nadeem brother, can you please tell me about battery voltage setting in vm2 .
What would be the voltage minimum as my batteries back up is very less about one hour…with 4 batteries of 200 AH.
Is there any option in vm2 to set the battery minimum voltage???


it depends what type of batteries you are using brother?
if they are simple lead acid batteries or tubular lead acid then you must select batter type to USER in program number 5 and then in program number 26 , 27 and 29 you need to set the maximum voltage that you want your solar panels or wapda will charge your batteries, and the float voltage and cut off voltage respectively.

I don’t know which model you are using? 3 or 5? you need to set the point at which your batteries will stop supplying power and inverter will switch back to wapda in program number 12 also.


I have 2 old narada dry batteries 150 AH ( one of them is good and one is bad) and two new osaka tubular batteries i think 220 AH.
Please let me know if this combination will not be harmful for the ups system.
Normally simultaneous work load at my house is 1500 watt.


as far as i know one should never use different capacity batteries. rest expert can confirm


it is not advised to use the said set of batteries , always use same brand same capacity and same or near same date of manufacturing (serial number will help you to pick the same lot)

and using different capacity batteries in SERIES is totally not recommended at all . it will create a real problem one day ! either your new batteries will die soon or the older one will get short circuited inside and could b blast ! please Dont use them in this way .

Be safe.

Nadeem Ahmed


Nadeem Ahmad how many solar panel required for 1.5 dc inverter ac.?..


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Dear Sir,
I have total load of 3KW max. Includes 4 Ceiling Fans. 8 Energy Savers. 1 Ton AC. 1 Fridge & 1 Oven.
I want to minimize my KE bill. In summer time it goes Rs. 8000. Kindly suggest me which solar inverter will be suitable and how many batteries? And Solar plates.
I want to run 2 fans and 2 saver and 1 Ton AC. In day time. Kindly help



There is any difference in functionality between these two models regardless of capacity?

Inverex VM II
Inverex Axpert VP


Asa, can someone post where to get Axpert VM II 3kv inverter. I have been to a few locations and they turned out to be solution providers and not equipment seller. Cooperative market Sadder in Karachi is a place I would not trust.
Thank s



They have launched the new model VM III. You can check through their website “

Inverex Solar Energy – Karachi

1st Floor Mubarak Manzil, Aga Khan III Road Regal Saddar Karachi
Phone: 021-32750760-3
UAN: 111-209-988