Internet service in Sialkot


Salam guys, I hope yu can help me.

I am moving into Sialkot for 6 months. The house I am moving into does not have ptcl line.

Can you advise me which company / services I should get in order to get: {Phone and Internet} OR just {Internet}. I do have a laptop with wireless connectivity.

I have looked into Vfone, but there are some bad reviews on this forum.

I tried to find info on WorldCall on the internet, but could not find any info on their services.

So any help on finding good internet services in Sialkot would be appreciated.




go for wateen wimax

its not bad all over


thanks for the quick reply.

With WimAX, do I need to buy additional hardware or can I use my laptop wireless connection to connect to this service?

Also, once I register with Wateen WiMAX (or some other companies), can I use their wireless internet in different citis as well?



yes you can - but you gotta buy wateen's wimax CPE.