Internet Radio on cellphone?

Hey guys i have recently changed my cellphone, this new cellphone does not have radio, now i want to listen to internet radio with my cellphone (i have never done this before) & would apreciate some help from you guys.

My cellphone runs on the Symbian OS v9.2 platform. (it also supports java 2.0)

Kindly suggest me a good working application for this platform & also give me the streaming-radio links (for mobile) to some pakistani radio stations.

Use Opera and browse to Live stream it. Do remember that data charges fro EDGE/GPRS are significant (up to Rs.15/MB).

Thats not working for me, that link opens a webpage & none of the links in it are streaming anything. But thanks anyway.

Any other way?

What about the browser included in Nokia phones?

^ well my phone is not nokia so....

Hmm..wait for Mozilla's mobile browser or try its alpha/beta release if it is available.

but it will included in symbain because symbian is free now

Problem solved, i exchanged my phone with one of my friend's phone.

My new phone is Samsung i450 (& luckily it has a radio).