Internet Problem


Hi friends,I am using zong edge for gprs.Today when i tried to open google it gave me the following error

the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

i also can't open orkut,Gmail.

I can Open google by using Guardster proxy plz help me find the culprit------>:D<---------


Ahhhh Finally I was thinking that I cant open only. Man I'm using zong too. And cant check my Gmail and Google page is not opening. Dont know whats wrong. :(

Update: Its working now. I can use all the google services now.


By the This thread should be in telecom Category. Modders....


Its a website problem bhai

mine still not working I can Open tho

what bout you Plz Update me


Update: A serious issue must be in zong server or dont know. They have blocked some servers of youtube so user dont play heavy videos and they save bandwith or whatever they want to save, and because of that it has been 24 hours and sometime google home page opens but within seconds it doesnt. Another thing i noticed that i cant see any adsense of any page on the world wide web. It just shows :page cannot display" on that adsense area.

I dont know when this will be resolved but zong has bloged the google products. I cant access Gmail, Adsense, adwords, webmastertool, Google analytics :(:(:(

But they are working all fine on my mobiles tiny browser opera mini. :) but not on pc :( any updates??


this is google problem . I can not use gmail, adsense and any other google service on my vfone connection


^But i can Open google on telenor,warid and Jazz.Why zong.I can open on zong but the google logo is not coming

Now Hear this,when i called their Csr,Here is his response

''Hum sirf app ko internet se connect hone ki guarantee day sakte hain,Koi website ''Download'' Nahi Hoti iski guarantee Hum app Ko nahi deh sakte''


Then what is the Use of Your Fu**in Internet connection.

Btw I can Open gmail in opera mini


yaar is Your orkut working pplz.Do These Chinese even care about their customers


Orkut page is not even opening. As far as i know google is not stupid that will block access to its most popular services. Its the bloddy company based in lahore i think cyber world which has a contract with zong. I mean it provides internet to the zong company and same company provides internet to vphone. Bloddy cybernet. I want to check my adsense :(


^So What are We Gonna Do??? *sad*


We will just wait just like every Mobile user is waiting...:)