Internet browsing problem

I am using PTCL 2 MB service through a Router which gives off a LAN and a USB interface

I use the LAN on my LAPTOP and the USB on my DeskTop

Problem is - - LAN works perfect but for the USB to work, i need to restart the router again n again untill it starts to work on its own..

the LAN works perfect-- soon as ACTIVITY of the modem synchronizez, LAN starts to work.. but rarely does usb work like that-- it needs a few restarts and i just dont know wats the problem with it..

I use ParaDYne Router--

i have DHCP enabled and i use AUTO IP on LAN and i use a STATIC type via USB

What could possibly be the problem? I cant use AUTO ip on USB cuz then im unable to browse the ROUTER settings..

Its sooo annoying cuz it takes like 5 mins to reset and still doesnt work.. this started recently when the PTCL had some problems browsing the web-- but its fine via LAN, and its just about the USB..

Please Help

you need to setup Auto ip for WIFI USB .. just like dont assign IP to your wifi usb ...let the router to release ip for it ...

For more information on how to use Wifi router with internet connection please refer