Internet advise sought

Greetings gents,

I realise that you lot may get this request fairly often, but I would appreciate if you humour me with some advice.

I've been away from Pakistan for the nearly two years. I have heard there have been some rather significant strides made in broadband accessibility for the masses. Further to this, i was wondering if some of you may advise me on my rather unusual situation.

I would like to acquire a faster-than-dialup connection for my 60 something father, who is not very tech-friendly but is reasonably adept with web-browsing and a few creating a few documents. He's fairly familiar with dialup Internet. The connection I am after would have to be something that would remain relatively trouble-free so that when I leave in nearly 3 weeks time he doesn't curse me. I have heard through him about Wateen Wireless which he saw an advertisement for, I have tried accessing the said web site but have found it rather unfriendly for dialup users. Would someone be so kind as to post the setup costs and monthly subscription charges for their lowest "broadband" package bearing in mind that my father would be a light downloader (the occasional operating system update which I will do remotely via my computer in London.) Any other thoughts on other ISP packages would also be appreciated.



p.s My father lives in I-9/1 in Islamabad

PTCL. going for wateen is opening a bag of trouble. With billing issues and all. Get a PTCL connection. It'll automatically be included in the phone bill (No trouble of having to go to another officE) and it should work perfectly so as nothing happens to the modem (And nothing should in normal situations happen to it). Prices start from RS 1200 for 512 with unlimited usage.

PTCL DSL..The 1218 complain number is much more efficient then wateen people and the DSL modem is user friendly too.. Connects and reconnects without commands. WATEEN is rather complicated. And he won't be able to handle the "genius" CSRs of Wateen either..

Wateen is not reliable, although it depends a lot on your luck,you can give DSL a try. If it works well,then you should definitely stick with it,otherwise you can opt for Wateen or Mobilink.

Micronet Dsl seems like a good option if you have a phoneline there

Thank you all for your suggestions, I'll explore the possibilities further.

Never ever go for wateen. Please I do not want your old father running up and down daily to wateen offices (or "Bhata Centers" as i call them) for things as petty as no service availability to billing issues in their prepaid service, yes you heard me right "billing issues in PREPAID service"