International standard websites in Pakistan (first time)

If you are an individual or a firm and you need a good standard website then you can view my portfolio( and contact me as I'm a freelance web designer from Karachi Pakistan working for international clients.

User can comment on my portfolio.

I must say some of your designs are just plain awesome. Keep it up!

Good Work!

Great work man. Just awsome.

i guess u shud give some adds away on banners and cable etc

so that u can get some heavy clients from companies..........

and man u make really heavy site

try to use flash instead of just will look more cool and professional......

and man corect ur cell phone number cell_up.jpg


may be, better if you give some idea on your rates too.

Yea Please your rated !!! :) we would love to work with you.

Well thanks for your interest guys.

If you have any project kindly send me its details, I'll review its scope and give you a free qoutation.

My work methodology is so easy that you might love to work with me.Basically I'm NOT a template designer that I have some fix template rates, I'm a professional qualified designer so first I review the project than I can give some pricing idea.If you really have some project then come on just start!

Ahan Well I dont have such plans to invest so much money in my website but for just a sake how much will you take to convert my blog to a reall good lookin design. By the way Im transefering this blog to so i need a real blog looking desin where i can update my sms every day. So review it tell me Mr. Eshtiyak A.K.A professional. Lolx

By the way reviewed some of your designs i must say your damn creative and i just loved your designs.

Thanks for your kind comments "satan2204", plz contact me when you have some plan to invest money.

Currently I'm working on a website of Mezan oil Mills Pakistan...soon It will get upload...i'll keep you update.

Thanks Man. Take a look at my project too. If you can do it for with some real discount to ur karachian i will apreciate :)

ok, let me know your budget.

Nice deigns dude!

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ok, let me know your budget.

My budget??? Hmmmm very low. You look in it and tell me how much u will charge me?


you were looking for free domain name and now hiring a designer for your website, either direclty ask him to do work for you free or for "udhar" :P

hey listen, eshtiyak seems to me a professional, so i don't think he will do some cheap or free stuff. it really hard for any one who is in business for money.

i'll suggest you, get a good free template for your website, edit that template headers and images in any graphic editing software like "My fav is "Micromedia Fireworks" that's all.

Rest work on your website content.1st make some "paisy shaisy"

then ask any good designer to make layout and graphics for your website.

Thank you

very nice yar u r very creative......all web designs r very gud n specially i love the one labeled HRH sports