International sms packages

does any provider let you sms internationally when you get the package or are the charges seperate

well didnt heard of it yet

^ No.... International sms doesnt come up with the sms packages. You have to pay. All the carrier charge 5rs+tax but Ufone charge 3+tax.

Ufone 1.5+tax 1.8 Rs not 3+tax

^ Ahh thats great. I mentioned the old one din't know they reduced the sms rates to that much for international users.

i am using ufone from 2002 till now its the same rate as it was in 2002 international sms

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Ufone 1.5+tax 1.8 Rs not 3+tax

you are very right its 1.8 Rs … I did text in qattar today and was charged 1.8 Rs …

for abu dhabi it is also 1.8 Rs..


then why other services dont reduce their international sms rates to compete ufone?

what about for america

international sms =1.8 Rs any where in the universe