Info required regarding ping time

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if the ping time for my ISP is good or bad. I'm using a Wi-Tribe 1 Mbps connection. Initially the speed was really good, but lately i've had some problems. I'll list them:

- I wonder if its a Firefox problem...the webpages don't load...i have to hit the reload button many times and at times even after doing so nothing happens. I can load the webpages in IE 7 though. however even in IE the loading speed isn't excellent.

- I still get download speeds of over 100 kbps at times but sometimes the download speed dips to as low as 30 kbps...the major prob is with page loading...does that have anything to do with the ping time?

- Lately whenever I download something via IE or Firefox the download freezes in the middle...20% to 70%...and it doesn't complete...i'm using the same websites for downloads as before.

I wonder if all of this has anything to do with the ping time.

And i'd also like to know what effect has ping time on a user's internet experience.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

P4 - 3Ghz


160 GB HDD

Firefox v 3.5.2

Internet Explorer 7


29 views and not one reply...seems like I won't be getting help after all...

i know this dude that the lower the ping the better it is for you

don't know what is the problem with your better lodge a complaint may be that would help you out...

check the signal strength that you are getting..may be that would be the problem