Infini 3KW plus solar inverter settings query


It does have a page for log. Mine is empty at the moment, I had to clear daily logs yesterday for some reason,


I am still using watchpower if I have to change a setting on the inverter. ICC does have a few options for settings but they are not as natural and understandable as Watchpower or Solarpower.


The live wires of these loads is connected to the inverter output at the distribution box. However, the neutral wires of these loads are not isolated The neutral wire coming from inverter output is connected to neutral busbar in main distribution panel to complete the circuit. I am not sure if this is the problem because usually this is the way Infini is connected to load normally.
The description of wiring is alright, all your loads should work. Get the wiring double checked(Neutral specially). If possible, post an image of main DB, highlighting the inverter wiring.

you change your electricity meter or you have to remove the wires from the meter and plug them back again, you run the risk of the current neutral wire going into the phase socket
probability if the utility-connection is single-phase. with a three-phase connection most probably never.


Last night I connected a hair dryer directly to the inverter output and then turned off grid power. The inverter shifted load to battery and the hair dryer kept running consuming about 1000W. So I guess the problem is most probably with the load neutrals.

I will try to isolate them and connect them directly to Infini neutral’s output in the distribution box. But disconnecting every neutral wire and checking which one belongs to the load is going to be a real pain, there are more than 30 wires spread across two distribution boxes. I will tackle this over the weekend. Then hopefully everything should work fine.


Yup you are right there. The connection was single phase. Infini 3kw plus was intelligent enough to shut it off itself giving a fault code. My cousin checked this fault code on infini’s manual which indicated grid phase on the output of the inverter.


I shifted all load neutrals from the main neutral busbar in distribution box to directly connect to Infini output neutral and now everything works fine.


good news.

when you say “shifted all load neutrals from the main neutral busbar in distribution box to directly connect to Infini output neutral”,
these neutrals(that are recently shifted) are only for the loads working on infini and not the rest?


Yes only shifted neutrals of loads that were connected to Infini. The rest are still on the main neutral bus bar. But it was a real pain. Started at 11am in the morning and was done by 8pm at night.