Indian fighter jets violate Pakistan air space

Updated at: 0009 PST, Sunday, December 14, 2008

Indian fighter jets violate Pakistan air space ISLAMABAD: Indian fighter planes Saturday violated Pakistan’s air space by entering two places in Kashmir and Lahore.

Planes of Pakistan Air Force (PAF), which were already on alert, quickly came into action and forced the India’s fighter jets to leave Pakistan’s air space, Geo TV sources said.

The sources further said that the Indian planes were fully equipped with warheads.

Meanwhile, a state run TV channel has reported that a loud blast was heard in Arabian Sea between Badin and Jati cities Saturday night.

However, further details about the blast were not received.

The cause and exact location of the blast is being ascertained.

The local people were in a state of fear after the blast, sources said.


india is asking for trouble and i hope they get it

the media ( both indian and pakistani) is capitalizing on controversy when in fact no serious tension exists between the two countries

the media is just hyping the situation

the pakistani media is reporting india getting ready to attack and indian media is reporting the complete opposite

so i wudnt believe the crap that the media throws at us especially if its from GEO

India is spoiling for a war... It will get one it will never forget.

This posturing has gone on long enough. Either fight or stop the posturing already!

Hameed Gul is right when he says that a war might be the very thing Pakistan needs right now to unite everyone into facing a common enemy.

asad dont pay too much heed to the words of that !@#$%^&, hez no angel its in his utmost interest a war would bring him back into the game and i hope u understand war's are not a pleasant affair!

Yes, war isn't pleasant but you can't remain a defensive cuckoo forever.

I honestly am sick and tired of this bluffing nonsense of India. Just attack and get it out of your system. And be prepared for the response too. This back and forth just proves that India has no spine. They're just all talk.

Thumbs up to that !@#$% Ms Sherry Rehman...Shed rather be spokesperson for Indians...I dont know to what extent we want to bow down????

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Shed rather be spokesperson for Indians…

LOL, yeah!

Indian Media saying that no violation of any sort… :)

And she is bent upon … “ghalti say hogya” … ;)

^indians can do whatever they want!!!!

Both nations want war then why not both nation have a "friendly" war (without any nukes). If things get serious during "friendly" war then both can utilize nukes.

Hell, if anybody is going to use nukes then they should nuke few other countries.

Jub dubna hi tehra to kiyon na bhut ko lay kar dubain

Nuke made peace in this world. You can see peaceful years after WWII. :)

P.S. Try watching Dr. Stranglove movie :)

Last night, in Dr. Shahid Masood's program, there was already a discussion on a possible Nuclear War scenario.. with an Indian guy/strategist, saying 75-80 nukes on Pakistan [:)].. Nuclear War Game [;)]

Wasn't able to watch the whole program, so dont know Pakistani counterpart's reply (would wait for the program on the net ;))

However, violations in two different areas with the mentioned times of each violation... It just doesn't seem inadvertent to me.

oh comeon indian bustards....its more than enough if u hav courage declare war....stop shitting here n there in pak territory...n politicians plz wake up....look at wat did our PM said "it was a technical fault by indian palnes...there were no intentions of threat or anything lik this at all by indians"

Indian Media Still denying it..but PAF F16's took some shots!


Off topic but What is meant by "file photo"?

It was just to probe our response times.

WAR cant do make Pakistan more worse than it is now!!!!

So be patient:|

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It was just to probe our response times.

I think so too!

There will be no's just crap

If India do make an attack, then they would be facing much greater trouble

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look at wat did our PM said “it was a technical fault by indian palnes…there were no intentions of threat or anything lik this at all by indians”

Few years back (if I recall correctly then it’s early Musharruf years) our unarmed airplane went near Indian border. Indian jets destroyed our unarmed plane in mid-air without any warning and declared it had crossed their border.

Even US released captured telecommunications in which our Pakistani plane was making pleas “don’t shoot” to Indian jets but Indians didn’t listen. Our in-service and retired military personals and civilians died in it. Some 12 ~ 16 people died in it. How we reacted? Like a rat against cat.

In current event, Indians were checking our radar locks and scramblers. Did we fired even single missile on them? Did they jam our radar?

In afghan war, if any US jet crosses border of Pakistan they jam Pakistani radar and Pakistanis start looking at each others face.

My cousin is Squadron Leader in PAF. His Eid holidays were canceled because of Indian standoff. He tells me how years of corruption at higher level results in bogus, useless and aged equipment.

Do you think we can even stand for one week if India decide to start war? I don’t think so. Before first week, politicians and military generals will be on knees begging India “please forgive us” because after two weeks we’ll not have enough ammunition to fight a full fledged war.

By the way, why any high ranking armed forces officer want to have war? They want to have extreme expensive plots, farm houses, latest model black-colored cars to live a luxuries lives.

To fight a war, a solider need sword not gold watches. Our officers’ swords are rusty because their children get education in foreign universities then why anyone of them want to have a war more than a week?

We live hand-to-mouth and we pay them (armed forces), not to protect us, but to live a lavish life and secure their children future in foreign countries or useless extravagance paid jobs in public or private sector.

Moral of current event? We should be on our knees and ask for mercy from Indians and kill few thousands Pakistanis because of Mumbai incident (as we did for 9/11). Maybe Indians will get happy after we kill few thousands Pakistanis.