Indian cricket team no more coming to pakistan now

due to recent conditions of both countries

^ u r wrong..........rajeo shakla updated in news breifing that this statement is wrong....indian govt didnt giv any orders lik this to BCCI

but ndtv announcing every hour this news

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but ndtv announcing every hour this news

ur cable operator show ndtv??

no, i watch it on internet

whole indian media is also reporting indian troops movement near border but actually its fake story...there is no unusual movement of indian troops near border

No official word yet!

follow cricinfo for more info

I read on BBC that England cricket team is considering whether to go to India for their upcoming friendly matches or not.

Oye You should watch India Tv Fu***n Hilarious.Fake Indian News Channels.So Dodgy,

On Topic

I Stopped watchin Cricket when Pak Lost To Ireland In WC.Its all match Fixing.I prefer soccer especially english Premier League

^^ agree they just want to grab any news withing thinking.

The corrupt administration is gone with the wind,the new administration is placed,it will be fun to watch the cricket again after many years.I hope good players are back in the lineup (Razzaq specially)

nah ''Icl Players Are banned untill bcci allows them to play'' Ijaz Butt said

^well if there is a tussle between BCCI and PCB most probably if indians refuse to tour pak then PCB will probably allow icl players

Who the hell cares if they come to play here or not. If they don't wana come here, fine, my ass. We don't need to ask Bhindians twice! Have some respect for this country for the love of God, have some respect and keep some pride and dignity!

bal thakray head of "sheosena" banned pakistani cricket team, filmstars, singers to enter india....btw who the hell is he to give such a verdict.....he is not the one who belongs to current ruling party neither in any coalation wid the ruling party

did bal thakray tell u personally?

^oh comeon yar......i dn hav any personal relations wid such a !@#$%^&.........geo p pati chl rhi thi :lol:

oh i see

sah: Deleting your post for its inflammatory nature, and also closing this thread since it has reached the point where people start throwing punches.