Inconsistent speed

i just hopped on the ptcl bandwagon because there rates were so much better as compared to others.

previously i had been using worldcall 512k and now i got PTCL 2mb

i dont know if its just me but there isnt that big a jump! technicaly it should be 4 times as fast! i wouldnt even give it a clear double speed in the one day i have used it.

i have bitmeter installed which showed me very consistent speed with worldcall but with ptcl its all over the place, changing every second drastically! say from 40-50 kb/s (very low in my estimation/expectation) i was hoping it would be atleast over 150kb/s if not the whole 240kb/s.

going to speed test gives me a very high reading sometimes with the islamabad and lahore servers of 3mb/s but the mumbai server or the other foreign servers are giving me something like 0.2 0.3 mb/s

i am sooooooooooooooo sad. offcourse i have tried complaining but that aspect of ptcl i was very familiar with that the CS wont be good.

what to do guys should i just stick to worldcall and hope they reduce the prices ?

you sure you are downloading stuff when checking ur speed? the speed meter will show fluctuating numbers if you aren't downloading anything major.

for me my 2mbps connection keeps connecting on varying downstream speeds caz of SNR and Attenuation issues , even though my line has no joints from da pole till muh splitter.

yes there is some inconsistency in ptcl connections , but most of the time my downloads do hit ~230kb/s on my 2mbps connection.

my 1mbps worldcall do show more consistency WHEN its working , they go out when light goes out which ofcourse not acceptable for me as I work from home, and thats why I switched to ptcl.

Man... :) after reading this I am glad I didn't fell in to low price + more bandwidth trap. I guess I should stick to Worldcall EV-DO until things are sorted out.

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Man… :) after reading this I am glad I didn’t fell in to low price + more bandwidth trap. I guess I should stick to Worldcall EV-DO until things are sorted out.

no dude… you are doing it wrong… everyone with ptcl gets 200+ speeds on 2mb… including me… the only reason i don’t get that speed would be on public torrents but i use private trackers now so it is okay…

there is no way in hell that you are getting 40-50 speed… if you are then there must be some serious line issues… your distance from the exchange and other stuff… there is something wrong dude… ptcl has crappy upload speed… the speeds are definately not consistent… but two things are good with out a doubt… the download speed is great(i go to 300kb+ sometimes with my 2mb) and the pings are great(the best)… so do some research… and point out the exact problem…

Yeah! i am facing that Network and TCP errors problem too.. and for perfect browsing i had too use proxy servers. ... :(

i have gotten my ptcl dsl disconnected! nice to be back on a reliable connection like worldcall albeit an expensive one! hopefully they will eventually bring their prices down.

that is the problem with PTCL either is works well in places or it doesnt work at all, ptcl will do nothing to fix it, its more like luck of the draw! sad but true ...

i will re think dsl when the fibre optic lines reach me. till then cable is fine!

@Riz : i am surprised you say that , ptcl would not work me when the light went so no difference b/w it and worldcall in that department. atleast worldcall sometimes works when the light goes.