Income Tax for Salaried Person

Hi Guys

Can any one tell me the process for Filing Income Tax Return for Salaried Person. My Employer has already given the summary for Tax Deductions for the whole year.

Someone told me you have to file for Income Tax Return by taking this summary to CBR office and get it stamped or something kind of lost here

please share your ideas

Thanks in advance

well you should go to the website of FEDERAL BOARD OF REVENUE ( FBR ) and then you can contact them by phone about the queries you have..

yup now e forms are there you can file your return online..

Salaried Persons are not required to do anything else unless they qualify to submit a wealth statement. Your finance dept should be able to guide you regarding this. If you do not qualify to submit wealth statement, then the filing of returns by the employer is enough.

I think Income Tax is deducted from Our Salaried Accounts in the Banks Already and there is no need to contact with the FBR....!

If I am wrong then plz Comment....!